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Looking for someone who can make me a quilt blanket

Hi, I am looking for someone who can make me a scrap quilt blanket - where the individual fabric pieces are not uniform in size or shape and there is no real pattern. The fabric pieces will come from my baby’s clothes, so I will send them over to you. How much would you charge to make the blanket? Hear from you soon. Thanks.

You could contact Gillian @GillieB she does beautiful quilts

If you don’t have any luck I know a lovely lady on Facebook I could point you to xx

Thank you! Will do.

Yes, please, that would be very helpful. Thank you!

Will message you now, Di x

you might not want to have you email address on a public forum as the forum is open to anyone on the internet.

You don’t want to find your email address is spammed.

First of all, this is a public forum, so posting your email address isn’t a good idea,

Regarding the blanket: The forums are used by only a very small number of sellers, so the chances of your post being seen by a quilter who can supply what you want are practically zero. The best way is to do a Folksy search for ‘quilt blanket’ or similar, and then contact the sellers of those blankets direct.

I also do quilts from children’s clothing, see my facebook page for photos, further info. Prices start from £45, obviously depends on size.

What size quilt were you looking for? I have made several crazy quilts, and exhibited at the festival of quilts.

You may have found someone by now, but i make memory quilts from baby grows. Cost depends on the size but i do lap quilt, cotbed size or single bed size. My work can be seen on :bear:

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