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Can I upload pics directly from a mobile phone

Hi. I’m new to Folksy and have uploaded some of my items directly from my computer. However some of the items I have created have been photographed on my mobile phone. Is there a way I can upload them directly from my phone when I am creating a new listing (like you can do on Ebay) ??

Yes I’m sure you can create listings using your phone but you have to do it using the browser as there is no app for Folksy.

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Hi @LovehandpaintedbyCarole I use my android tablet a lot for loading pics on Folksy and other sites so I am sure you would be able to do it from your phone. Not tried it from a phone as my phone doesn’t take photo’s.

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Hi! I do most of my listings from my iPhone & upload photos from it too. The only problem I find is that on my phone, I can’t change the order of the photos by clicking & dragging like I can on my laptop. Apart from that, it works fine :+1:t2:

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Thanks everyone. I’ll try it out when I next create a listing x