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Can I use book pages in my crafts?

I’m just wondering whether I am allowed to use book pages to make items such as coin purses etc. I am not copying anything but using the original book pages, again no images will be used at all either.

Is there a copyright issue here? Or is it ok as long as I don’t copy the pages?


I’ve never actually looked into it- but I’ve seen all sorts of stalls at craft fairs where they use pages from books for things. So it’s probably OK so long as you’re not photocopying them.

Copyright is a real minefield! If it’s an old book (I have a feeling it has to be 25 years old for typeface etc to out of copyright) and the author is long dead (more than 70 years) then I believe you’re ok. If it’s a new edition of an old book then the publisher holds copyright.

I found this summary on using book pages in collage

And here is the whole act, some nice bedtime reading!

Finally, although this is a New York based article and therefore follows US law, I think it covers a lot of good points

Thank you! It’s still quite confusing but I think to be on the safe side I might stick to really really old books!