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Craft business books

(Shine On) #1

I’ve just realised how many books there are available on building a craft business. A quick look on Amazon listed over a dozen, and that was without really looking.

They all seem to have 4-5 star reviews, but not many.

Has anyone ever read one and found it to be helpful. Or not? Any recommendations?

(Nicky B) #2

I borrowed a couple from the library, a while ago.
“The handmade market place” Was very comprehensive and good for technical stuff like pricing, blogs and copyright. But very wordy - and I like pictures :smile_cat:

“Craft show & sell” Was helpful for what I was stuck on; visual identity - colours, logo etc. But there were to many how to’s showing how to cover boxes with paper and stuff to make your craft space look nice -which I think if you are creative you can already do!!

I havn’t found one that I’d like to buy and keep for reference yet tho.

(Deborah Jones) #3

I have a little book called Second Steps by Caroline Mornement - she also publishes the Craft Galleries Guides

It is a handy little book , gives you pointers about pricing, approaching galleries , wholesale versus sale or return etc. Quite a handy little book to refer to. There may be a more recent version .

When I first started out I bought a book called Running A Workshop basic business for craftspeople ,by the CraftsCouncil. If it has been updated (mine was '85) that would be a good book too.

Most information is now available online , if you know what you are looking for - it wasn’t an option when I started out :slight_smile:

(Heidi Meier) #4

There are so many blogs and online articles by newspaper business clubs etc so I’m not sure an actual book really does add any value. I have collated tips etc form anecdotes, blogs and personal experience and have lots of little checklists, because even if I read about a good tip, if I don’t write it down I will forget it!!