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Cards and Papercraft25/31 August Weekly Monday Thread

(Cariad Crafts) #1

A place to show, admire and if you are inclined, to buy all kinds of cards and paper crafts smile

If you have time we are all happy to be stumbled, tweeted, facebook liked,blogged to your hearts content.

Most are happy to be pinned too, but they will say in their post if not.

Buyers if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

The theme for today is – spots, dots, stripes, spirals, circles - but as usual, anything will do

Good luck all
Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #2

Morning, rainy here but thankfully got all my washing done yesterday Yeah :smiley:

Shame weather like this on Bank Holiday :-((

Big thank you to all contributors last week, we had a lovely variety again.

Lets see what we can do this week hey???


(Thecardjeanie) #3

Stripes and dots on these notelets…

Jeanie x

(Cariad Crafts) #4

Morning, damp and cold again brrrrrr

Loving your notelets Jeanie @The Card Jeanie

A few more

circle buttons !!

oval cut out shapes !!!

Carol xx

(Debbie Gill) #5

Hi everyone, I have spots and stripes on this fairy birthday card:

(Cariad Crafts) #6

Morning, we have sunshine Yeah!!! Walking boots at the ready :wink:

Hope everyone is well, not sure if the rainy weather has put everyone off, please come and join us on this thread…All contributions happily received !!

Here is mine for today

Carol xx

(Steph Short Supplies) #7

Hiya all,
sorry not been around much this week, just hectic!!!
What with exams,grades,college interviews, baking!!!
never mind, here’s my new listing today - from supply shop

dots and spots!
steph xx

PS Forgot to say…thanks Carol @cariadcrafts11 for another week :wink:
great theme!!


Hi ladies, this has swirly ends on…hope that counts!!

Sue x

(Cariad Crafts) #9

Just popping in to say thanks to Steph @StephShortSupplies and Susan @bramleycards - lovely and all completely acceptable :-)))

Hope you have caught up with yourself now Steph, I know its mad with school/college, no sooner have results come out and they are starting, so little time to sort everything out. Hope Cameron enjoys Sunderland.

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #10

Suny morning wahey!!! but rain in the night. Shopping this morning - YUK!!!

Here is mine for today, will pop in later,

Carol xx

(Emma Sims) #11

I have listed a New Home Card today

(Steph Short Supplies) #12

Morning,Hope you are all well!
Finally… a new listing today

catch up later, steph x

(Cariad Crafts) #13


Lost my mojo today, dentist this morning, just a check up thankfully!!! mowed both lawns - need a reviving cuppa methinks :smiley:

Here is mine for today

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #14

Morning, all papercrafters,

We had lots of rain in the night and is very dark and cloudy now :-((( So glad I got the gardening done yesterday.

Hope all well and looking forward to weekend

Here is another from me

Carol xx

(Lily Lily Handmade) #15

A few spots and stripes on this cupcake card…

Love your gift tags Carol. :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Short) #16

hiya everyone, hope you are all ok!
lovely listings…so pretty :wink:

great drying day here in the north east…typical when i’ve hardly any washing!!! Have to start looking for some, might do the curtains…but then they’l just need to be ironed…lol!

new collage gift tags today, steph


Do wags count?


(Cariad Crafts) #18


Yes wags definitely DO count lol Brill!!!

Rain to start the day but sun seems to be popping out - please stay out !!

Here is my last offering on this theme - well done folks for all listings

Carol xx

(Thecardjeanie) #19

Polka dots in this one…

Jeanie x

(Stephanie Short) #20

Hiya all,

Here another new set of tags from me!

Steph x