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Cath Kidston Fabric Cosmetic Bags now half price

(Moira Lawrance) #1

Decided to clear some stock for new fabrics arriving so lovely bags now reduced down to £3 and £3.50
Check them out!

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Sounds like a great sale but I’d be careful about describing them as ‘Cath Kidson Bags’. Better to describe them as bags made with Cath Kidson fabric, to avoid falling foul of copyright issues. I know there’s been a lot of talk about this recently, so better safe than sorry!

(Minerva) #3

Yes, be very careful! I remember reading something on Folksy about Cath Kidson fabric so I had a look and found this:

(Moira Lawrance) #4

Thanks Margaret. Thought adding “fabric” was adequate? Title was Cath Kidston Fabric Bags and full shop description states they are made from genuine fabric store bought then made by me.

(Margaret Jackson) #5

Must admit I didn’t get as far as reading the description, that does make it very clear. It was more the titles that made me think of all the things I’ve read about this. There was one person on Facebook who was too scared to sell anything made with CK fabric because of all this, though I don’t think it’s necessary to go that far…

(Moira Lawrance) #6

No worries, did check everything with my local Trading Standards prior to setting up in 2011 so hoped I was doing things OK :slight_smile:

(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #7

Hi Moria

I think the correct title would be putting the Item first such as" Bag Made with Cath Kidston fabric" not “Cath Kidston Cowboy fabric Bag”. I know I am being pedantic but they are when it comes to copyright.
Better to be safe than sorry. I would be contacting the CK company to double check. Hope I’ve helped.
Kind regards,

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #8

It’s all in the wording.

‘Cath Kidston Fabric Bag’ makes it sound like a fabric bag made by Cath Kidston.

‘Bag made with Cath Kidston fabric’ tell you exactly what it is, a bag made with CK fabric.

Personally I would be using the second option - if there is anything in the wording that implies the item is made by the brand name then it’s best steered clear of.

(Liz Clark) #9

I would recommend you contact Cath Kidston direct - I contacted them last week and got an email from James Goldsmith who said they no longer allow people to make items from their fabric and sell them under copyright. I have emailed Folksy and let them know and they are investigating further.

James Goldsmith can be reached on

(Minerva) #10

That’s interesting. I don’t use the fabric for my work but I’d be curious to see what Folksy finds out.

(Liz Clark) #11

I like to think it’s because the crafters using it are creating such fabulous stuff that the Cath Kidston brand feels is a threat to their own goods in their shops!

I use lots of different fabric, some vintage some new. One of the main suppliers I love is Liberty so I contacted them and they are more than happy for me to continue to use their fabric, just so long as I don’t describe it as a Liberty item. I’d just recommend anyone who is unsure to contact the manufacturers themselves and get stuff in writing.

(Minerva) #12

It looks like Folksy has updated the article about Copyright & Trademarks. I don’t see Cath Kidston in the list…

(Liz Clark) #13

I contacted Cath Kidston again for further clarification as another person on my FB page said she was told by someone else in Customer Services it was OK to use their material. It has now been passed to Head Office apparently for them to consider!