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Still waiting for the first sale to happen. Advice please!

Hi Everyone,

My items have been listed for sale for a couple of weeks now but I have not received any order yet. I started on ETSY a few months ago and have been receiving regular orders. I used the same images and product descriptions here as in ETSY but tailor keywords and titles according to Folksy’s guide.

However, the shop view rate for all my listing is extremely low. Eg: a few visits in a week.

Niche Lane designs modern crafted fine leather bags for men and women, only use the full grain buffalo leather. Our price range is from £100 to £250 pounds.

I started wondering if our product prices are too high for folksy audiences therefore, could not attract new interests from viewers, Hence lead to no sale.

I will really appreciate if anyone could give some advice.

Many thanks!

Kind regards,

Hi Niche Lane
Lovely bags but I wonder how you expect people to find your bags on Folksy. Have you pointed any of your social media in this direction ? Your Facebook page goes directly to your own webpage shop and I didn’t see any Folksy reference.
Opening a shop here without publicing it is like opening a new B&M shop without sending out flyers to let people know it has opened.
You’ll find lots of advice on here if you have a browse and they all say one important thing. You need to promote. Your prices are irrelevant if nobody knows you are here to look at your things.

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If you open your shop 2 weeks ago, it’s extremely early to start seeing results. It can take some time to get your first sale, especially when you are selling expensive items. Just hang in there…

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We are advised to not copy descriptions across multiple selling platforms as google spots it as being the same content and demotes repeat pages in its search results. It might be worth rewording your descriptions so that they are not carbon copies to see if that helps.
BTW I do sell items in the £100+ range so thats not the problem.


Hi Joy,

Thanks a lot for your advice.

The main purpose of opening the Folksy shop is to capture the new audience that Niche Lane has not been able to reach in other community such as Folksy. I totally understand your point that we need to do some promotions to attract more ‘’ footfalls ‘’ to our Folksy Shop. We really appreciate your advice and will surely take it into consideration.

Just have a look at your shop and you are doing great! Well done!

Kind regards,


Hi Minerva,

Thank you for your support. Will do!

Have a lovely day.

Kind regards,

Hi Sasha,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me the advice. We have reworded a little bit the descriptions so that they set apart from those on our website. However, I think your point is really vital and I will surely take this on board seriously and try to improve the description.

I really appreciate your time and consideration.

Have a lovely day!

Kind regards,