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CE Advice please

(Roz) #1

I have an idea for some baby/childrens toys which will need to be CE marked. I know I can self certify and there is a conformance pack available which will guide me through the process. However I am really confused about safety certificates for fabrics used - how do people go about finding out if a specific fabric conforms to EN71 regulations - do you have to pay to get each different type of fabric tested, is it very expensive? I am struggling to find any information at all on the internet - maybe someone who has been through the process can help me.

(Sonia Adam) #2

Can you ask the supplier/manufacturer if their fabric has a certificate? I’ve seen suppliers offer copies of it for items such as felt etc.

(Liz Clark) #3

There is a CE Support group on FB that may be able to help as they have a kitty where people pay in to get fabrics tested and everyone who paid in gets a copy of the certificate for their files.

I know I have written to several fabric manufacturers in the past as well and they have either said they don’t test at all, or test to the US standards (CIPSIA) or they do some tests on some fabrics and will let you know which ones these are and any certs to back this up. Your own TS will also help as to what they would expect to see under “due diligence”.

Good luck, I found it an absolute minefield if I’m honest!