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CE marking

My Daughter who is a trainee teacher has asked me to make some felt items for her story basket, such as chickens, dogs, cats that sort of thing so she can use for her reading in class. Do these need have a CE mark, and if so how do l go about getting this done, just wondering if its worth the hassle.

Not sure on that one - if she is buying them from you then probably yes but not sure if you are just doing it as a favour. Ring your local trading standards and ask them.

If they do need CE marking and it is not something you would normally do then it probably isn’t worth the hassle but if you need to do it for other items too its apparently not a difficult thing to do once you get into the swing of it.

From discussions I’ve had previously with my local Trading Standards, if you were doing them as a favour to your daughter and not part of your business, then you’d be OK. However if you were doing it through your business (i.e. costs etc) then they would need to be.

However what I have learned through CE marking (which I no longer do) is that each Trading Standards Office interprets things differently so I would contact yours direct and ask them. They can take a while to get back to you (I’d do it in writing/email so you have a record) depending on how busy they are!