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Changes to the Item Page

the pin button has been removed (I did query that with folksy) but you can add a pinterest button to your browser tool bar (mine appears at the top next to the downloads and bookmarks icon)

Its optimised for phone users (which is apparently the majority) so the photos are smaller and by comparison the price is bigger (its almost the same size on a phone as it is on a computer). This is what it looks like on a phone

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Thank you, Sasha. X

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Thank you for the tip, Sasha!

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Goodness that took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting that :rofl: :rofl:

Like the fact that once the tabs are clicked they remain visible.


Can’t see any variation button only add to basket when i add something from my shop to my basket that has variations on it, it does nothing so i can’t see how anyone can buy

@yorkshireharecrafts The grey borders are now gone, but yes, there’s a slight change to the maximum picture size, so instead of 642 wide they now show at a maximum of 882 x 600. The height limit also means you shouldn’t need to scroll to see all of really tall and skinny images (my computer still seems to be taking a bit of time to catch up on that update though).

Thumbnails are still square so it’s still best to have your first photo as square, but if you have landscape images they just might show a little bigger now. It shouldn’t mean you have to redo any photos though, as if your pictures are smaller there’s just white space to the sides.

@jenniesgems Right now that seems to be showing ok on mobiles but on computers the pop up box is popping up a bit too far down, so you need to scroll to see it. It should be fixed soon.

The item page image blocks are far too big, I have to scroll up and down to see the entire image. Is this a bug?

Edit: This is on a PC, not a mobile.

Thank you Kim i hope it is fixed in time for the christmas markets as i don’t think customers will think to scroll down for the options and could mean a loss of sales

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@jenniesgems We’re looking to roll a fix out for this tomorrow :+1:

Thank you @aaronfolksy

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Are you going to change the ‘Add to Basket’ button to ‘Choose Options’ for variations? I minded less earlier but have given it to a few people to try on my phone & I don’t think it’s clear what to do - especially now the Description is behind a button.

Other than that think it looks great!


Where have the twitter, instagram, facebook etc buttons gone.

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They have gone - the tweet and pin button still appear when you list something and you do have the option of adding the pinterest button to your browser navigation bar.

I agree that the add to basket could be off putting when someone wants to personalise and choose options first.


Oh thank you. The white looks so much better. That’s good to know about first photo being square and I can now keep some of my photos in landscape instead of cropping.

I think the ‘About’ page is a bit ‘lost’ now?

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I don’t think that’s a problem really. I direct people to my shop front
via my own non-selling shop-front only website so the about me is there for the reading. If they get to a specific listing because I have shared a link to it then that is fine too.

Camilla I realise I have a small problem… the date listed is not showing. I need that date.
I am currently trying to list a Crystal Star Flower in a different colour to the two already listed. In order to find them in my multi page dashboard shop list so I can duplicate from one of them I use the Folksy search and when i find it use the date listed to quickly locate it in my shop list. Can’t do that without that date i and it is going to take me a Very long time to find it…Please can we have the date back. I need it.
I have 14 pages of active listings. If I have to search through those everytime I need to do this, which I do frequently I will never get to bed before 2am.
PS If it is hidden away there someone apologies but can’t find it for the life of me.

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I’ve put an instruction in the Title f’now :wink: - hopefully it’ll do the trick :crossed_fingers:

Love the ‘other items you might like’ section & ‘view all’ button @aaronfolksy did I miss that earlier, sorry if I did! :blush: