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Folksy front page...all change!

(Sarah Eves) #1

I’m sure when I went on this morning it still included the best seller list and recently listed items bar!
While I won’t miss the recently listed bar, I quite like nosing round the best sellers’ list.

When did that change???

Sarah x

Has the front page changed
(Roz) #2

Quite like it. Found recently listed and best seller lists a bit superfluous but think maybe the pictures on the FP are a bit large now - you don’t seem to be able to see a very good selection without scrolling a lot more now. Just my opinion :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

ermmm there’s no recently listed items anymore I liked to look through those :frowning:

(Little Ramstudio) #4

Liked the Best Seller’s List and having been there - once - it really improved our views. Missing it already.
Seems to be a very limited amount of photo’s too, apart from the featured seller, they are getting oodles of space now.

(Karen Ellam) #5

I’ve just noticed there are 2 front page views now. Try signing out.
So anyone visiting unregistered will explore the website slightly differently to those signed in. If that makes sense.
The gift guides are well positioned now, and it seems easy enough to navigate when looking for jewellery or homeware etc sections.

When signed in I see a smaller smorgasbord. The visitor number count can now be seen when signed out on the FP.
I’m not that concerned about the best sellers list disappearing personally. I can see how folks who have featured or do normally feature would perhaps be abit miffed though.
I’m liking it so far. I’m off to have another gander :slight_smile:


(Stephanie Guy) #6

I like it too, it’s much cleaner and less cluttered

(Lynn Britton) #7

I agree it looks much less cluttered, but what I am missing is the Pinterest Board, it’s so nice to see items that individual sellers have chosen as a change to those that Folksy admin have chosen. I think the diversity of the Pinterest boards is much nicer than those of the Folksy admin which to my mind are very much of the same ilk.
Lynn x

Well blow me I’ve just gone back to the front page and a Pinterest Board is there, I wonder where it had gone the first time I looked!!
Lynn x

(Susan Bonnar) #8

I really don’t look at it at all and my link to Folksy takes me to my shop front. The Featured Shop now gets a huuuuge amount of space now! Presumably for days at a time as they seem to stick there for ages! Would love to know what that brings in terms of sales - any of the “chosen” shops care to share?! Just nosy!


Not sure if the front page (when not signed in) is visually exciting enough to entice buyers in if they are not a registered user. Maybe I’m missing something!

(Sarah Eves) #10

I like the clean, uncluttered look of the front page and love the larger photos, but agree with others - two large spaces given over to the one featured shop is too much.
Plus - six of the twelve photos are jewellery!

Sarah x

(Diane Keeble) #11

It all looks a bit big - you can’t see much at once. At first I thought my pc settings had gone funny!

(Angela R Connah) #12

I like the less cluttered look when signed in, it’s easier on the eye.

I have featured quite a bit in the best sellers list but am not sorry to see it go. For me it didn’t really add anything to the buying or selling experience and just seemed like unnecessary clutter.

I’ve never quite understood why items ‘being bought now’ and ‘recently sold’ are displayed either. As a seller I don’t need to know that and as a buyer I’m not going to be able to buy it so why take up valuable front page space, on a retail site, showing me something I can’t buy…or maybe I’m just missing the point…??

With the ‘logged out’ view the navigation bar appears at the bottom of the front page and I personally think it would be more useful at the top. The drop down menus under the navigation bar have disappeared too, which means that there are more clicks required to get to what you are looking for if searching through that route. Perhaps 6 or 9 smaller pictures on the logged out view would make it a bit more interesting than just 3.

(Christine Shephard) #13

Hmmm…I think I prefer the ‘signed out’ version, it looks very neat and easy to navigate. The ‘signed in’ one looks too big and clunky on my laptop, but might look better on the iPad or phone.

(Liz Clark) #14

I quite like it, but then I always like a refresh :smiley:

Will be interesting what the feedback will be from the public who are not registered. One thing I’ll miss is I’ve always posted on my FB page when one of my items made it on the FP letting people know and reminding them about Folksy, hopefully encouraging people to wander over and have a browse. Looks like I won’t be able to do that anymore unless they are registered.

(Carolyn Grant) #15

I probably shouldn’t say this, but take a look at ‘signed out’ Etsy and ‘signed out’ Folksy and play spot the difference :wink:

(Christine Shephard) #16

You have to scroll more on Etsy - I think the Folksy one wins hands down :smile:

(Christine Shephard) #17

Liz, you should be directing them to your own shop page, not the Folksy front page!

(Ema Hossain) #18

Well done to people who were on the best sellers that is brilliant so I am understanding how that may be missed, however seeing as it was mostly the same people I think it gave the impression that not much else seller wise or product group wise was doing well enough especially week in week out with the same shop logos, so I am liking it so far

(Eileens Craft Studio) #19

I think I really prefer this newer front page it’s nice and simple and not too cluttered. :smile:

(Christine Shephard) #20

On the phone it does look a lot better, not quite so BIG. I do think that, now that there are only 12 images, there should be fewer ‘sold’, ‘listed’, ‘featured’, and ‘liked’ ones, maybe just one of each would be enough. When I looked just now the ‘sold’ and ‘being bought now’ were the same, so that’s not great. Overall it’s quite easy on the eye though, and looks fresher.