Folksy Ltd

Changing the shop name in the web address

(Rebecca Fletcher And Jo Cox) #1

Hello all, I just want to check I’m not missing anything here in response to whether I can change the shop name in the web address?

At the moment I am called Beck’s Flowers as originally this was part of my floristry business. To get some focus on the crafty side though, I am rebranding to Beck’s Creative. Is there a way of changing the ULR (not even sure if that’s the correct techie term!) Or will I need to close shop and start again?

Thanks for any help!

(Christine Shephard) #2

You can’t change your user name, which is the bit that is in the URL or web address, so you would have to create a new account as BecksCreative to get it into the address. If your shop is fairly new, it’s probably the best option to start again.