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Changing Shop Name

I’m sure I saw a thread a few weeks/months ago from Folksy admin where we could change our shop name without having to open a complete new shop but now I want to re-read it I can’t find it, can anyone help? @Folksyadmin or @folksycontent

I think you can but your URL stays with the old shop name. Think you can do it under “Shop Appearance”

I found this thread from admin about it. Hope it helps.

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That’s the one @ciesse Thank you, I couldn’t find it when I looked, must need another cuppa to wake me up :smile:

Oh - didn’t know that was possible - just created a new shop to do this - what a pain!

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That’s what has put me off doing a complete revamp of mine before @Rozcraftz.

Actually I think I will still go ahead with a new shop as it will give me the opportunity to re write descriptions, a lot of which were copied and pasted, redo photos and add appropriate tags. I think I will keep the other shop for selling destash and sale items. Might take a while though!

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