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Christmas Eve boxes?

I keep hearing about Christmas Eve boxes, they seem to have become popular the last couple of years.
Can anyone explain to me what they are exactly, where they originated from and what goes in them?

Its an american thing - rather than kids getting presents on christmas day they now get a special box of treats on christmas eve as well (and maybe I’m being cynical but in a few years there will be Dec 23rd boxes and in the end they will get a box of treats every day of december). What you put in them is very much up to you but common things are PJs and slippers (to encourage the blighters to go to bed), colouring books, a special christmas eve bath bomb (I think we are back to the whole thing of ‘go to bed you little so and so’), biscuit making stuff (to make biscuits for santa to be left out in the evening and eaten by parents), a dvd and popcorn that the family can watch together, a new book for bed time etc etc.


Oh, please! Let this not become another American invented Thing! Kids get too much stuff already :open_mouth: Advent calendars with chocs in is a step too far for me :slight_smile:


I agree - and it puts so much pressure on parents to just keep buying more and more.


I think the Christmas Eve box arrives as the Elf on the shelf disappears. Or something like that!!!

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Should we be making elves for the shelves, then? :slight_smile:

And I thought Christmas was already as commercialised as you could get! Good grief! As a child I waited a whole year before getting any presents (yes my birthday is on Christmas day). I never expected anything different and I never felt I lost out (guaranteed holiday, best lunch and pudding ever, great stuff on TV - well, at least when I was a kid!).

I’m in my mid thirties and I can’t believe the stuff they get these days, no wonder so many are in such huge debt. Keeping up with the Jones’s does nobody any good!

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I think handmade Elves for shelves would be lovely, much nicer than the mass produced ones that all look the same. Although I just googled them and it looks like some folk are making outfits for elves.

I’ve decided to have a Christmas Eve Box. It will contain a bottle of red wine and some very dark chocolate. Same as every other Christmas Eve, but in a box.:wink:


My daughter’s been telling me about these elves- apparently the parents move the elf while the kids are asleep to make it look like they’re being watched (“Be good, or the elf will tell Santa!”)
How creepy is that?! Scare your children into behaving- the spirit of Christmas lives!..


I have just found out there is such a thing as a Santa Cam, a fake camera you mount in the house so Santa can watch them all the time during the festive season, now that’s what I call creepy!


I just googled Christmas Elf for shelf, and apparently they’re a registered product and you can buy them clothes and pets.
The website claims that they’re traditional, but I’m pretty sure they’ve invented the “tradition” to part parents from their money :slight_smile:

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I thought that was just what my daughter has told the kids so they behave !