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Daft question about Christmas gifts

On fb Ive seen people asking crafters to show them their Christmas gifts.
Is there some kind of difference between gifts and Christmas gifts?
Do Christmas gifts have to have some kind of Christmassy thing about them?
I warned you it was daft.

I personally think they are the same it’s just the people asking can’t be bothered to look for themselves dharling so want you to entertain them.
Bit cynical I know…
Suzzie x

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You’re not alone Clare, I’ve often wondered this too! Elaine

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I can’t stand lot of the things that are specifically made for Christmas (I mean generally, not on this site). Who wants to be wearing Rudolph slippers or pyjamas on December 29th or after? :slight_smile: I’m glad my family have more sense than to buy me “Christmas” stuff!..
Bah, humbug!

When I get asked for my Christmas gifts - I think of things themed specifically towards Christmas such as tree decorations and Christmas themed tableware etc.

I guess if people are fans of your shop or page they will be aware of all of your other ranges that would be suitable as general Christmas gifts without a Christmas theme.


When I sell at Christmas craft fairs generally I have found that “Christmas gifts” refer to anything Christmas themed such as Christmas stockings, decorations, bunting etc. They also refer to “Christmas” goods such as jumpers, hats etc and in my case christmas baby bibs (which are very popular!) Most “gifts” come out on all occasions but as with all traditions/customs/celebrations can be adapted to that event e.g Anniversaries, Halloween, Wedding, Valentine’s and of course Christmas. You just need to know the market you are targeting so if someone says show me your Christmas gifts they don’t want to see sunglasses or buckets and spades ( unless they are going to Australia :grin:)unfortunately Christmas, along with other celebrations has become hugely commercial and if you are a seller and want to succeed you need to provide what your customers want or give up!