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Gift Ideas for Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve Boxes have become so popular over recent years, and they’ve become a real tradition for lots of familes. So, what little goodies do you have that could be popped into a box?!

I think my ‘Dear Santa’ Christmas Star would be perfect - it could be placed in the box year after year, to hang on the tree on Christmas Eve :slight_smile:

Eh? not having kids means this one has passed me by but they come in adult as well don’t they? I can just get myself a box with gin/ cheese/ crackers in it can’t I?


:rofl: Gin, cheese and crackers is ALWAYS acceptable (Christmas or no Christmas)! And yes, boxes can be for babies, kiddiewinks or adults… I’ve also known pet owners do them :slight_smile:


One of my little dressable pocket dolls would be a lovely thing to find in a Christmas Eve box.

As an exhausted, slightly minimalist human, I am bemused by another reason for stressed people to spend too much over Christmas. As a seller… sign me up. My pencils would make a good mini gift:

(Now I think about it: I think I had Danish friends who did Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. I assume that UK shops have heard about other countries’ Christmas customs and decided that we all need to do all of them, because it’s very important we spread the joy/spend all our money.)

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