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Christmas rubber stamps help

Sorry for using the Christmas word.
I have come full circle. Years back I started my craft life with rubber stamps and I seem to be back there now.
Ive been rubber stamping some Xmas cards with the few stamps I already have. Ive had a look on the net for more but havn’t been impressed by what Ive seen.
I know its not really in season but I wondered if anybody knew of a place that has a good selection all year round.
This is the kind of thing Ive come up with so far. Any help appreciated.

I use to get all my stampers on eBay. I had a massive collection. But then I recently sold them.

Whilst flicking through the channels I spotted that create and craft seem to have started having christmas themed shows so it might be worth having a look on their website.

Just be mindful of different stamp companies’ policies re selling - it’s not always easy to find out but some have restrictions. There is a newish tv channel called Hochanda and they have a website. I also use Crafty Individuals, Craftie Charlie and The Glitterpot.

Thanks for replies. I watch C&C all the time when ethers nowt else on, I havn’t seen any stamps I like yet). I don’t get Hochanda anymore. Il look at those sites, thanks.


I have some remaining from when I had a high street shop, all brand new. Any prices you see are RRP & I’m not looking to charge anywhere near that much. Let me know if you are interested in any and I will create a listing on here for you.

you can watch Hochanda online.