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Confused about postage costs regarding insurance

(Debbie Tanner) #1

Hi everyone just wondered if any one could help me I am a little confused about postage costs my postage rates seem quite high to everyone else’s who sells silver jewellery. I was told at the post office that jewellery is not insured if it goes missing unless it is posted Guaranteed ( royal mail special delivery) or UK confirmed (signed for) these methods cost me more to post with standard delivery you only get £20 compensation which some post office’s does not include silver jewellery, so wondered what does everyone else do. Should I just send items under £50 pound standard delivery and hope it does not go missing or is there some other insurance I don’t know about. Thank you Debbie x

(Stephanie Guy) #2

I don’t sell jewellery but perhaps some sellers are building partial postage costs into their base price?

(Debbie Tanner) #3

Thanks Stephanie yes maybe that’s the case. Think I will revise my Postage anyway as not sure if high price are putting people off just have to hope items arrive safely. x

(Deborah Jones) #4

Hi Debbie, Jewellery isn’t insured at all by any RM method other than special delivery, so one either has to gamble or play safe.
I send the majority of my smaller items by first class post, anything worth over £50 or that I can’t repeat or wouldn’t want to make again I send by special delivery. The extra sales that the lower postage generates ( and the pricing of the items) self insures me for any lost packets. Royal Mail is fairly reliable I find, and most folk seem to be honest- touch wood.
I charge £6 for special delivery - which doesn’t completely cover it but looks better I think than a non round nr.

(Beadypool) #5

I agree with Deborah. If I insisted that everyone paid special delivery I wouldn’t get any sales. It’s a risk as I use one off UK made lampwork beads and often can’t replicate a piece, but it is a risk I’m happy to take.

I also now use posting boxes that fit the large letter sizing to keep my costs down. It all helps.

(Heather De Gruyther) #6

Most of my pieces are fairly one off and can’t be exactly reproduced so I do send almost everything Special Delivery because of the insurance. I do send smaller (cheaper) pieces by standard post and take the risk though.

I used to charge £6 postage to cover this but found that it was really putting people off so at the moment I build it into the cost of the item but with postage creeping up as it has I might have to look at this again. I still charge £6 postage for my silver fingerprint pieces though as it goes through the post 3 times by the time the finished item gets to the customer and I couldn’t build in all that! It doesn’t put these customers off, which is a relief.

I used to have a problem with packets going missing for a while when I sent them recorded delivery but since I’ve been using Special Delivery it’s been much better.


(Debbie Tanner) #7

Thank you Deborah, Beady pool, and moon river jewellery really appreciate your help and advice will look at reducing them and see if that helps as thinking it may one of the reasons I am not doing so well on here. Its definitely not simple trying to work it all out and changing costs on here my poor brain can not cope ! thanks again all. Debbie x