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Considering selling- how, on the whole, does art sell on Folksy?

Are there any art sellers here who can give me an insight as to how fine art (paintings, illustrations etc) sell on Folksy? I am a British citizen and looking for a venue to sell my art. I am also wondering whether I should go with the pay-as-you-go option, or whether to pay out the £45 and have done with it. Hopefully you can help me to decide;)

Any help much appreciated! Thankyou!

I can’t answer the first part of your query regarding how art sells - cards are good sellers so if you offer cards with prints of your work they could do well. If you look at the current best sellers list ( there are a number of artists/ print makers in there so it could work but be prepared to do plenty of self advertising (I’ve just noticed I’m at number 34 on the best seller list, blimey).
What i can answer is that the plus account only makes financial sense if you are planning on listing or relisting over 250 items (if you have 25 each of 10 different card designs there’s your 250 listings so it worth getting the plus account).
Hope that helps.

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Congratulations Sasha :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much! I appreciate that. So do the sellers on here also find the need to promote a lot on social media? This is one thing that I have found with my current shop on (shhh…Etsy). It can work but there really needs to be stacks of promoting to get yourself seen;)

My shop on the other side ticks over on its own without any promotion but I think that is down to the rarity of the materials used in the pieces I list over there. My shop here I do link to on social media (I avoid the ‘oh I’ve just listed this’ posts) and I do see people clicking through from facebook to my shop, I think I also pick up some sales where people have just stumbled upon my items. I think promotion is the key where ever your shop is.

Where do you find the best sellers list @HelenSmith not that I think I’m on it or anything, but it would be nice to see

I always google folksy best sellers but here’s the link

Thanks @SashaGarrett it looks similar to what it did when they used to put it on the front page :grin:

@SashaGarrett, thanks very much!

There’s a weekly art chat thread where the forum artists hang out, you might get some advice there :smile:

I’m a buyer rather than a seller, and I’m an art collector. I’ve bought a great many artworks on Folksy, mostly smaller pieces but the occasional bigger one, so art does sell on here.