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Cornwall Artisan craft fair ! Two last minute tables now available!

We are raising money for our new local childrens clothes bank to run alongside the food banks and support families in Cornwall.

We’ve organised an Artisan Cornish craft fair at a craft centre in north Cornwall on Saturday 20th August and eeek with one week to go have lost two stalls :frowning:

Whilst we are particularly looking for ceramics/pottery or silver jewellery but all crafts considered- would anyone be interested? We are only charging £10 a table to go to our fundraising pot - Help! Thanks Karen x

Where in North Cornwall?

Hi Deborah, the event is in Bodmin. I’m not sure if I can attach a jpeg flyer in the forums?

@Holly81 where in Bodmin are you holding the event? x

Hi Emma, I’m unfortunately not technical enough to know if i can attach a flyer for the event or not but I can email you one if you would like me to - it’s at Out of the Box Cornish Craft House nr Bodmin College.

We have now filled one table and only have one left x


All tables gone!! X

Good luck with your fair today Karen. xxx