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Anyone going to the Cornwall Design Fair?

I’m going to be exhibiting at the Cornwall Design Fair for the first time this year - it’s on from 16-18 Sept near Penzance, at Trereife House - and wondered whether anyone else was either exhibiting there or planning to visit?
It’s a long way from home for me (I’m based in Sussex) and I won’t know anyone there, so it would be nice to meet any fellow Folksy sellers that are in the area.

Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

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Hi I live in Falmouth with my hubby,we haven’t been to the Design Fair but we have been to a Food and Craft Fair there which was quite busy as it was a warm day the food did better than the craft. The Design Fair has been going a while so must have a following.
Sorry to say we will not be going to anymore events as the entrance fee of £6 each is more than we now want to pay as we have already visited the house and garden which are not over large.
It is a bit of a trek from the car park which was in field so ok if the weather is dry so fingers crossed hope it goes really well for you.
Gill x