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Could any jeweller here make these?

Someone on Etsy has approached me about making a money clip, a tie clip and two pendants featuring a red tailed hawk. I don’t feel able to do it as I’d have to source the mounts and depict a recognisable hawk on a tiny scale. I was unwilling to commit myself to this and suggested she should look for someone who engraves jewellery. I was wondering if any of you talented people would like to take this on? (through you Folksy shop, of course!)…

Just bumping this in case anyone’s missed it. She has bought several custom made items from me before and is a genuine buyer…

If she wanted them in silver I may be able to help, I don’t engrave- but there may be another way of going about it.

Would you like me to send her your shop address, Deborah?

Hi Christine , yes you can , she can look at what I do and decide if she thinks I may be able to help. Thanks

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Address sent!

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