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Could I have some help with this listing please?

My most-viewed item is a vintage fabric tote bag

Much viewed but no sale!

If anyone would like to have a look at this and tell me what the problem(s) might be I would be very grateful. (Head now completely above the parapet!!)

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It is beautiful, but maybe it will be snapped up in the summer or spring? :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart:

Yes, got to agree, definitely a Spring or Summer buy. Beautiful bag and good price.

You are not alone, some of my most viewed and favourited items on folksy have yet to sell via this platform yet sell really well via other routes. Any way on to your bag… You call it small in the title yet there is no sense of scale in the photo so are people looking in the listing to find out the dimensions and then finding out that it is the wrong size for them? You suggest it would be good for putting your lunch in when you pop out so could you do a photo of it with a bottle of water and an apple so that people can guage the size?

I’ll help you with your listing, I just bought it! :smile:

I’ve been looking for a pretty tote bag for my shopping and I love bright colours.


Looks like it sold :wink:

Sam x

It’s been snapped up, so all must have been good!