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"CRAFT: I made this" programme on More4

Did anyone else see this? I’m just catching up and watching it as I sew, and it’s been quite interesting showing processes of other crafters, and covering lots of different crafts too.

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Yes I saw it was on a watched it on 4od was good it was just a one off tho wasn’t it?

I think it was, I’ve asked the reminder on More4 to email me if there is another one so I’ll post here if I get a response!

I loved the leather bag they made on the show, that was one of favourite bits!

I loved the bag I want to make a leather bag for myself now :blush:

Also never heard of the wooded wicks either.

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I saw it, I thought it was a series:o(
The tied edge dog bed was a great idea. Im currently soldering glass for a trial mini terrarium. Ive nicknamed it a tiny terri.


I just read theres a new freeview craft channel on channel 88 from near the beginning of September.

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So pleased I read this as I saw the show advertised then managed to not only miss it but forget to find it (so far!) on catch-up. From what you’ve all said it sounds watching so I shall do my best not to forget again!