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Make! Craft Britain on BBC4 at 9pm Thurs

New programme tomorrow night. More info here :

Have no idea what it’ll be like and I’ll have to record it, but it looks interesting!


Thanks Liz!

Sam x

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Yes, I’m looking forward to it too. Shame that it mentioned the ‘other’ site in the write-up and not Folksy!
Maybe, it will get a mention in the program tomorrow night.

Jeanie x


I hope so!

Looks interesting, thanks :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh sounds good. I’m going to set it up to record now.

Thanks for the heads up

Karen x

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Thanks. It got too late for me to watch it last night but will try and see it today. Hope it is good and inspriing.

I just watched it on catch up and it was quite interesting. They covered textile work with making a lampshade, and paper cutting, with people taking a workshop and showing some basics for both. What I really enjoyed though was the sense of process they explored (i.e. that craft take time as well as skill!) and how pleased people were that they had invested their time to make something. The emphasis was very much on people crafting for themselves.

Crafting as a business was not mentioned at all and I would have really liked to have seen something on that aspect and the value of it.

I saw it …and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also loved the pleasure the crafters got from crafting and their makes…does anyone know if this is a one off or a series of crafting techniques?

I think it’s just a one-off, sadly.

Yeah that is sad…thanks for replying.