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Makers/crafters/designer wanted for TV pilot Ch4

(Liz Clark) #1

A friend has just let me know about this and thought it would be worth mentioning on here in case any of you talented lot fancy getting on TV and promoting handmade!

I’ve applied even though I’m not sure if I fit the bill or even if I’ll be up for filming LOL! But maybe worth a shot? :smiley:

(Joy Salt) #2

This must be the series Staffordshire Country Market wanted to put me forward for (I am a member) but it sounded a bit too much of a commitment for me as I already make glass 24/7 but would surely suit other Folksy makers.

(Liz Clark) #3

At the moment they only want a one day commitment for the pilot, so that’s do-able for me. If it turns into a series then that’ll be another consideration, but I’m getting way ahead of myself there LOL!

(Adien Crafts) #4

OOh exciting … good luck to anyone who does go for it, it would be fab to see some Folksters on there. It won’t be me, I would be useless I know, and can imagine my hands shaking now if they were filming me making jewellery lol!

(LunaLoco) #5

Sounds intriguing. I hate people watching me work so wouldn’t want to be on it but would definitely be interested in watching!

(Camilla) #6

I’ve just posted it on our Facebook page too if anyone wants to share it :wink: