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Craft Room Black Hole

Has anyone else got a big black hole in their craft room. I have.

Every now and then as I’m working I drop something. I always foolishly expect to find it on the carpet in front of my bench (keeps the cold from the concrete floor and also makes the glass I drop less crunchy underfoot). Never ever there.
Sometimes if I look really hard I can find my droppings in one of the lidded crates under the bench (don’t ask, no idea how they get in those),
Occasionally if I go on my hands and (padded) knees I can spot where it’s rolled under the bench with the spiders but more often than not it just disappears.

I have to assume I have a black hole.

I know for a fact that there’s a very nice new piece of dichroic glass in there still with its £8.50 label on. Been gone for more than 2 years that one ! +
All sorts of beads and nuggets and lots and lots of very carefully and painstakingly cut pieces of glass.
Today I had a piece of wire which I had formed into hedgehog prickles with my little pliers. Went to positiion on my hedgehog and it flipped off the bench, slithered down my skirt. Gone.


Yep - I have a black hole that followed me from my old studio to my new one - amongst other things lost in the ether are my engagement ring and the perfect tiny little heart stamp that I have never been able t ofind anywhere else to replace :frowning:

I lost the special tool I use for turning my mouse tails inside out. They are a very narrow tube and nothing else works except this special tool. In the end I had to send away for another one.
On the other hand, talking about rings, my friend’s husband lost his wedding ring when we were at a large country park. I suggested that we hire a metal detector and amazingly he found it, even though there was a jungle of grass and bushes.


funny you should say that - we have metal detected all the bins and boxes of clay that are waiting to be reclaimed just in case it fell in the slurry but to no avail :cry: I’ve just got a feeling that it’s in a “safe place” somewhere like inside a box of staples or something! It;s been missing at least 6 years now - I’ve given up hope!

Ahhh yes the sound of beads bouncing across my desk and off the edge into ‘The Pile of Doom’ (actually a large pile of jiffy bags, bubble wrap and the like) never to be seen again (at least not until I need one of the really large bags at the bottom of the pile and have to shift the lot).


My diamond from my mother’s was found down the side of the very solid armchair when it went in to be recovered. Been there about 3 years.


:laughing: Totally! Absolutely! The number of bits of silver that have bounced off, never to be seen again. I daren’t use a metal detector-the neighbours would complain about the noise. Just last week I lost two rough diamond chips which I will never see ever again because they look like little stones until you really look at them. I actually swore, which is something I very rarely do.

Still, we will give the detectorists of the future lots of fun. “Yes, we think there may have been some kind of workshop on this site back in the C20 to C21…”

Sam x


I always manage to drop a bead or component when I’ve only got left exactly the amount I need to make the piece I working on and you know when I find them - when I hear them disappear up the hoover. As I hear them rattle up the tube I hope that they were just cheap seed beads and not Swarovski or gemstones :flushed:

This reminds me - I have 2 pendants to find. They’re fine silver and enamel one-offs I made for myself. I know when I last saw them, trouble is I had what seems like my entire stash spread over my worktable at the time so I need to empty ALL my bead boxes to find them :smirk: Time to tie on the safety line and go in - send in the lifeboat if I’m not out by the end of the day :+1:


So relieved to know it’s not just me.
I wonder when that hedgehog spike wire will reappear… maybe / probably never.
Might put the big brush under the bench later… or maybe not… that’s where the spiders live. Maybe they use my wire to make legs ?