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Show us something you've made that is completely unique

People buy handmade on Folksy because of the unique items we can make.
I thought it may be an idea for us to show off items we have made that can never be repeated. eg you used an element that there is only 1 of in the world.

So, here is a dress I made from fabric I discovered at a fair, Id never seen the fabric in the past and probably wont ever again. This dress is a total one of a kind.


Completely unique mosaic pendant

Hard to choose, some of the stones I use have unique patterns so no 2 will be the same and when I’m doing copper work I struggle to get the flame colouration the same for pairs of earrings let alone repeat it at a later date. But I’m going to choose this necklace

I bought the big blue/ yellow bead in this necklace in a market in Indonesia (along with some other colour ways) and I doubt I will ever find them for sale again (doubt I could find the market in Jakarta again even if I tried).

I made this cushion cover using an embroidered tablecloth that had got damaged. My Mum and Dad had worked on it together when they first got married in the 1950s. I made 2 napkins out of the good corners, but the smaller bits I added to the pink check fabric to make the cushion cover.



I love unique handmade. Owning something you know nobody else can, makes it really special :blush:

I enjoy working with Polymer clay as most techniques I use create one off pieces that would be really difficult to replicate.



This is a little assemblage I made recently inspired by Beatrix Potter. There’s no other like it, it’s a one off piece of art! :smile:
Rebecca x

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Many of the items I make are completely unique - hand-dyed/painted silk scarves, vintage lace & fabric book covers and bags, handmade felt book covers…and these handmade felt cuffs, which are each decorated differently. This one has vintage buttons too…the last two of these ones that I had!

OOAK Monoprint titled ‘After the storm’.

Every rug is inspired by something different.
Every different fabric combination makes a unique rug.
Thats what makes them so exciting to put together, you never really know what the end product is going to look like until it is finished!

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This item is actually sold, but I really wanted to add it here because it fits the description so well! My husband spotted this amazing piece of red heart shaped sea glass when we were on holiday last year - what the odds are of finding another bit like it I don’t know but I would guess very, very slim! I made it into a rustic style pendant, and was actually a bit sad to let it go when it sold (but not that sad, I need the money and I never wear red anyway!)

These coasters are knitted in organic cotton. The yarn is now discontinued so I won’t be making them again. I embroidered little flowers for interest.

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I’ve been doing some casting from my antique button collection, and as far as I know this pendant must be unique. My Victorian button collection goes back years and this is the only one I have seen in this violet design. the button itself is only a singleton…

Love Sam x

There has been a lot of work gone into this clock and I think it is quite unique!

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Everything in my shop is unique with a range of prices. First up, I have a duck made from a vintage tablecloth:

I also have a sweet little tudor squirrel head that hangs on the wall:

And my latest makes are lavender birds that sit on a shelf/mantlepiece:

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I think a lot of my work is quite unusual and to my own design however I have chosen this to show!

We tend to make duplicates of items but occasionally we might make an item that is too time consuming or difficult to produce again. One such item is this cuff I love the design and have made adjustments so that we can reproduce in a timely manner but I will never make another one of this exact design again for us it proved just too time consuming.

I’m working on a series of cards depicting sheds - made from soaked and dried teabags. The colour stains create a beautiful pattern. This one is a birthday card but I’m currently working on some for Father’s Day. The teabags are hand stitched onto calico, and a little embroidery to finish.
Size 13.5cm x 13.5cm, with white envelope, cello bag and left blank inside.

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The yarn I used for this baby wrap is also discontinued, so this is one of a kind item in my shop.