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Oh BUGGA lol

Just been making some necklaces, and whooooaps knocked a tub full of carved pendants off the side of the work table by not paying attention. 2 hand carved leaf pendant beads broken and 2 agate tear drop shape pendants broken…bright side 4 necklaces made today and the rest of the beads didnt go smash! Any other blunders today or just me?

Oh no. Hate it when that happens. I broke a lovely glass pendant afew weeks back because I thought I’d got it on the beading wire but obviously not as it smashed on the floor.
Up side though 4 necklaces well done.
The most I have done is made a cuppa tea. :slight_smile:

Oh no @PaulsJewels :hushed:
I agree 4 necklaces is fab though.

I seem to be taking one step forward & two back today. I’m busy checking through my items for sale as I’ve just spotted something that was sold, but still showing as for sale. Really not sure how that’s happened, but it’s made me panic and check the rest listed is ok.
I’ve hidden the sold item now. Everything else seems ok… Phew.

Have a lovely day


Oh no that’s so sad :frowning: I have a horrible habit of not paying attention when embroidering cushion covers and bags (which are tricky to put in the hoop) and embroidering the front to the back. I have a box full of these cut up embroideries which I can’t bring myself to throw away :expressionless:

Wow. Expensive accident, @PaulsJewels! When I’m working I tend to make sure that only the piece I’m working on and the tools I need are out. Anything else, especially semi-precious, Murano or things that I’ve already made or polished get put away immediately before I work on the next thing, There’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve put a 2 cut file down on top of an A grade pearl!

Sam x

I got up at 4am is why i have already made so many bits. The better half was on breakfast duty so got up with them to make them their breakfast. Almost glad i am not the only clumsy one.
@SamanthaStanley would that i could be as organised when creating but im afraid it brings out the inner MUST CREATE MESS gene.


Lol Paul, I know what you mean about the messy gene. I have a whole workroom, which my OH furnished with custom made furniture for me and it is always chaos in here. He wont even come in here unless I drag him do build something else for me and even then I have to tidy up first :grin:


The rest of the house is perfectly fine…well presentable at least just the craft space…I think we can be forgiven for spreading out in our own little space. Thats my excuse and im sticking to it. 8 things made today now, time to rest and have a cup of coffee!

They do say that being messy is a sign of being arty :grinning: so I just tell people I can’t help it. Our house has just been made presentable as no housework got done in the run up to Christmas :grin: There are finally clear spaces again!
You have been busy this morning :slight_smile: let me know when you have the new ones listed. I do have one of your lovely necklaces on my birthday wish list already (it’s in March) and can’t wait to see what you’ve been making.

Ah thats so kind :smile: Listing things is my biggest downside. Dread to think how many things i have to list now.

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I was painting some boxes when my cat decided to step into the blue paint and next thing I know, I’m chasing him around the house so I can quickly wash the paint off, leaving a trail of blue paw prints! At least its non-toxic acrylic paint, so it was safe if accidentally ingested and easy to wash off the carpets

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@RedDragonDesigns I have listed 6 new bits so far this morning. Not sure how many listings my brain has left in me today but rest assured i am starting to work through my back catalogue of makes and get them on here bit by bit :smile:

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