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Crafting/jewellery design inventory management software?

Hi, does anyone have pointers towards software that can keep track of supplies you purchase, and then the cost of each going into a piece you make? Bonus points if it can track sales too! And not be terribly expensive - I’d rather pay a one-time fee than per month.

I had been using Bead Manager Pro, which did more than I needed, but I made use of the above features. But this is no longer supported, and is now very iffy on my new operating system. I went to look at its competitor, Jewelery Designer Manager, only to find that it is stopped being supported this Nov!

Googling so far only brings up either software to help you MAKE designs, or software to run a shop (where it doesn’t seem to include parts/pieces differences). Or some things that have very high cost (e.g., multiple thousands, or £100/month). The closest I’ve found so far is Craftybase, at $9/mo - but even that it a bit steep for me, as it’s not a one-time cost. I’d be willing to pay £100 for some software that could keep me going for a few years (I did for Bead Manager Pro, and used it for a good 6 years). But my turnover is only a few hundred pounds a year (I’m still mostly doing this as a hobby) - I can’t really justify a significant fraction being inventory management software! I’d just use an extremely clunky spreadsheet like I did before.

But I really like how the software automatically calculates things for you. Anyone have any suggestions?

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you can get automatic calculations using an excell table. works quite well