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Ex Jewellery maker selling supplies

Hi everyone,

I wonder if you could offer any advice? Alternatively I am hoping that someone may be interested in what I have to offer… I used to make costume jewellery and had a stall at Portobello market for 8 years but i have since moved on to sell a whole different style of jewellery. However I still have all of my old jewellery making supplies and charms which I haven’t wanted to throw away but it’s just taking up so much space! So I am hoping to find someone who may want to buy the stock. I have thousands and thousands of costume jewellery charms mostly - they’re a mix of new and vintage. Made from either brass or alloy with gold or silver plating. I also have some other costume jewellery components, cords and paper flowers but it is mostly charms. I am looking for someone to take these off my hands for a discounted price as I don’t have the time to list items individually to sell.

I live in South East London and would be happy for a possible buyer to come and view the stock first.



If you want to sell here I suggest you open a shop here to sell your craft supplies

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Hi zoe.
I would definitely open a shop. I’d be interested in some bits and bobs. I’m always looking for new items to make with.
Supplies sell quite well on here if reasonably priced.
Hope that helps