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Craftjuice March 2017 is a site where you can promote your creations for FREE! Once you get five votes Craftjuice will post your item on Facebook and Twitter too. Please help each other get those crucial votes and promote our Folksy shops :smile:

Here’s what I have posted today:

and here’s a link to my previous “stories”:


Is nobody using Craftjuice this month?

Sorry, @RosesFeltWorkshop , things are so slow I’ve sort of lost the impetus. Getting on with othe rthings and not worrying about it. I’ve voted for you, though, and will continue to vote for anyone else who posts here… :slight_smile:

Voted and listed.

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Hi everybody. I’ve just registered with Craftjuice! I don’t really know what I’m doing yet so any tips would be gratefully received. I’ve just submitted one of my listings on CJ but not sure what to do next. I know I have to vote on any/some/all of above forum posters, do I vote here or on CJ?

I’ve just joined Craftjuice today and haven’t posted anything yet but have just voted for your purse. Good luck with it! Jacqueline

When you have posted on CJ put a link on here and we will all vote to help you get to the 5. It really helps SEO of your listings too! Good luck!

I have just voted and listed here…

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Another listed and voted up to here.

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Hooray! That’s more like it ladies :grinning:
I’ve voted for you all, but have to go make some dinner now, so I’ll add a new item tomorrow.

Thank you for the help.

I’m putting this link, which I think might be right.

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Just put my first item on Craftjuice, whoohoo hope I’ve done it right. Will start voting for everyone now :sunflower:


Yes, they both worked, and have been voted for. Well done ladies :smile:

Here’s mine for today - a bit of fun to cheer up your weekend.

and my history link:

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Thanx to all who voted for my first submission on CJ. I’m going to vote on everyone’s now. Here is another one of mine…

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Here’s another one from me.
All voted to here. have a fab weekend everyone!

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Added this one and voted up to date…

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All voted for up to date.

Don’t forget to follow Craftjuice on Facebook, Twitter, etc so you can Like and RT when items get promoted.

Nothing to list but have voted for everyone to here.
Struggling with motivation at the moment - haven’t made a single card in a month. :worried:

I know what you mean, Alison. Hope thing pick up for us all soon…

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I’ve had a look at your lovely cards Alison and I’ll be ordering some soon. I need one for the First Holy Communion of a young boy, as a thank you to his mum for the order. I’ve just finished making 50 of these bag charms for the guests.

I’ll be in touch about the card soon…I’m off to do a bit of voting now.