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Craftjuice - January 2017

It doesn’t appear that anyone has created a Craftjuice thread for this month, so if nobody minds, I’ll start. :smiley:


I have tried twice to get back on Craftjuice recently but haven’t been successful, I used to be on it quite a while back but just can’t remember my login details…doh!!


Thank you Alison for starting this off again. Hopefully it will get going now!
I have voted for you and listed.


A new listing.Have voted for everyone above.


Listed and voted.

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Hi guys, I’m a craftjuice noob. How does it work? I’ve requested an invitation. Do I need to pay?

I recognised a lot of the stuff on the front page, so that’s encouraging. :slight_smile:

Cate @fulgorine. Craftjuice is basically a place to show off your crafts. It’s totally free and your items end up on the front page and on their Twitter feed once you get at least 5 votes.
That’s why we have a Craftjuice thread here on the forum and we all vote for each other’s items to help get them promoted.

Sometimes it takes them a few weeks to get back to you once you’ve applied to join, as it’s only a small organisation. If you haven’t heard anything after a few weeks, it might be worthwhile sending them an e-mail.

If you have any other questions, just ask and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

Voted to here and a new listing:


Thanks @FluffStuffCrafts Do I need to wait till I’m registered before I can vote?

Have voted for you all and listed one


I think you probably do.

I’ve just listed a new brooch. If you could please scroll down and vote for some of the things I listed before Christmas, I would be very grateful! Some of them are languishing…:slight_smile:
Have voted up to date.


Hi Debbs, please do apply again, they will respond eventually x :grinning:

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Morning everyone x
I’ve voted for all the above plus a few extra ones. Please could you vote for mine if you get time? Thanx in advance :grinning:

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I’ve voted for for yours, @LittleTrinketGirl, but you don’t seem to have voted for mine. I have votes from @FluffStuffCrafts .

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Hi Christine, it was showing that I had, very strange. I’ve unticked and ticked again so hopefully it will show to you now, please could you check?
Thanx for voting for mine x

Perhaps it’s now on “unticked”, as it’s still not showing your vote! Did it go up to 3 votes when you clicked on the “thumbs up” sign?
But it’s OK, don’t worry about it! :slight_smile:

Hi, yes it’s showing as still ticked and the number went up. Totally confused now then :grimacing:
I’ve voted for a lot of yours, I hope they’re showing apart from that one then x

I’ve looked at the link provided by Erkinwald above- she doesn’t seem to have a vote from you either. Very odd! Perhaps there’s a glitch…
If you want to see who’s voted for you, by the way, click on your listing and the information will appear at the side.

I hadn’t voted for Little Trinket Girl as she listed after I had last been on, but I’ve voted for you all now.

Hi Lynn, I voted for you earlier, is that showing?
Thanx for your vote :grinning: