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Custom knitted item wanted can you suggest someone...or could this be you?

(Thesecretgardenstudio) #1

Hi. A friend has asked me if I could knit her some ‘Chunky American flag mittens’…I’ve had to turn her down, my knitting skills are basic at best…but I though this might be a good idea for a Christmas present for her. Anyone out there able to assist. Message me with timescales and prices please. Ta muchly people xx

(Rachel) #2

Carol @Knittingtopia have you seen this post? Rx

(Silvapagan) #3

If you’d posted about a week ago, I might have been able to squeeze you in, but I’ve got a long “to knit” list now for Xmas deliveries. Good luck in finding someone!

(Thesecretgardenstudio) #4

Thank you anyways…I appreciate you contacting me xx