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Customer says card not received

Hi there - I have a customer who wanted a card posting quickly so I posted it the same day, getting a certificate of postage as my proof of postage. The customer has told me that 7 days later it hasn’t arrived and they want their money back as it’s too late to be used when it turns up.

Has anyone had this happen to them?

I presume I can make a claim and provide the postage as my evidence, but does the customer have to confirm to Royal Mail or should I refund the money immediately and get my refund myself??

Any advice gratefully received,


You’ll need to put in a claim yourself, but you have to wait until 3 weeks after the expected delivery date, so it’s a bit too early. You can refund your customer earlier if you choose to - and I’m guessing most sellers do - especially as it’s too late for them to use it. If it arrives before the 3 weeks is up, you could ask them to return it, but it may not be worth it.

It might we worth asking them to confirm the address you sent it to was correct, just in case it was the wrong one.

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I will do @ciesse, it was an Industrial estate address which did make me wary but then it had been confirmed on paypal so I thought nothing more of it. I’ll put this down to experience I think.

On a completely separate issue, it would be good if the Folksy system had the ability to record ‘item not received’ claims (not for public knowledge but just for sellers knowledge) as this could put you on warning if an address was likely to have items gone astray.

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When I’m asked to send items to a work address, I often send by ‘signed for’, just because I know how easy it is for post to go astray at work. At least with a signature you can prove it was delivered, and then the responsibility lies with the customer to track it down.

I suppose it depends on the value and whether it would be worth it, but mine are sometimes quite high value.


Good strategy - this was only a single card order so not worth it. Still grates though - bah!!

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I know, especially when the chances are it did actually turn up on time!

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