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Shipping to usa

up to recently I have had no problems with shipping my cardsto the usa . Sometimes they take longer than the 5/7 working days but they have always arrived.
This month I have had 2 orders returnedto me. The packaging in both cards a mess and card had been bent. There was a sticker saying coudnt be delivered but no reason why. Had correct labels on etc
I have had to refund or replace. I used standard service as tracking cost too much for just a card.
Anybody else having bother?

I sent a few items at the beginning of the year to the USA and they arrived OK as far as I know. The customers contacted me to say they’d arrived. Touch wood I’ve never had anything been returned to me. It’s seems strange that 2 of your orders have been damaged too.

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I had my first lost article recently, and that was sent to the US. I asked the PO for proof of purchase, so I was able to claim the value back. I must admit I didn’t always get proof of purchase, but as I was in the PO anyway, I thought I may as well. In future I will always get proof of posting!

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I’ve posted several things to America recently and have had no problems.

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I’ve been sending a few things State side due to a death in the family and some things have arrived within a couple of weeks others sent at the same time have still not arrived weeks later.

All have been correctly labelled etc as well, and are all small momento’s except a heavy book which took the quickest time to arrive.

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Ive never had a customer complaining either that their card has been damaged but these cards look as if they have been damaged maybe caught in a machine .

my po said they dont give proof of posting to items abroad? I would have to pay for tracking

My post office always gives me a proof of posting for abroad @dianesdecoupage and on a couple of ocassions have used them to put in claims. I have never paid for tracking.


I would query that, Diane…

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Thing is who do you complain to that’s the problem. Once they’ve left the UK I don’t know what we can do about things like that.

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I think I will query that , my post office staff arent very knowledgeable , have had to put them right on a few occasions!

last time I put in a complaint about a missing parcel to uk they gave me complimentary stamps as hadn’t proof of posting. (did onlinepostage) Sent them order details etc

My post office always gives proof of postage to USA just for standard 1st class and I have had to claim on one occasion which is
up to £20

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I send lots of things to the US on Exxx and generally everything arrives within 2 weeks. However there has been technical issues at the Chicago point of entry, you can find this info on Royal Mail’s website if you search for ‘Service Delays’

For anyone else reading this, your post office should give a Certificate of Posting for all items you post, whether within the UK or International, so ask for one if they don’t automatically offer. A Tracking Number is only given when you upgrade to Airmail Tracked though.

The Certificate of Posting and the Till Receipt are sufficient to make a claim for non delivery/damage etc. so refer to Royal Mail’s website for more details.


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Your cards are lovely, have you though about posting them in Large Letter Boxes to given more protection?
I get mine from or they’re on eBay too.
The good thing is that postage for customer’s will remain the same as they don’t add extra thickness or weight.
Just a suggestion, especially for when you’re posting abroad.

Cheers, Debi

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That’s not true at all! Ask for proof of postage (which just means that the staff write the address on the receipt) and that is proof of postage

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Thank you I think I will certainly consider that. I normally put them on a piece of card and in a bubble wrap envelope or if a few cards I box them but it has to go small parcel. Normally no complaints about damaged cards although I did have a tracked small parcel to usa as a large order whiich arrived damaged but luckily cards werent harmed.
I watched a program about royal mail ages ago and it was frightening how your mail is handled

I sent a parcel last Thursday to the USA via Royal Mail International Economy 42 day delivery, not Royal Mail Standard 5-7 days delivery. I had confirmation from customer this morning that it had arrived. It just goes to show you don’t need to pay the more expensive services. I really didn’t expect it to arrive that quick but I’m very happy with that. I can now go away and not worry about if it’s arrived.

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thats great Pauline I would never even have considered the economy option. I suppose that would be fine if customer not in a rush for their purchase

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I was actual going to post it from the US whilst I was there but she said she wasn’t in a rush so I thought I’d do it from here and as it turned out I reckon it got there quicker than it would if I had posted it from the US. They are very slow out there when it comes to delivering things. I’ve ordered things well in advance from there and it’s taken almost 2 weeks to get to me.