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Deep Box Frames


Need advice if anyone has any suggestions.

My daughter broke her favourite jug the other day or rather George did. I brought it home, smashed a few bits of it up with my big hammer and made this :slight_smile:

I think it would look good at the back of a box frame. Needs 6x6 inches, a solid white back to stick it too and no glass on the front. I think anyway.

I have what I thought would do from Ikea but it’s not box just a bit deeper than a normal frame and when I check their deep proper box frames they’re too big and only one available size.

I see arty things all over the place displayed as I want to do this but where on earth do they get the frames from ?
Ikea too big, most others I’ve found via google, Ebay so expensive I can’'t justify them and generally costing more than the entire price of the artwork I’ve seen displayed like this.

Has anyone seen those from the Range ?

Help please. If I can find something to stick this part of enny’s jug on I might go round smashing up other random coloured glass to see what I can make !

Have you tried your local framer? I can recommend a really good one in Cambridge but that is of little use to you as I don’t think you’re in Cambridge, he doesn’t bat an eyelid at the random selection of things we have taken him over the years and isn’t that expensive (except when we took him a huge wax rubbing on rice paper of a temple relief from Cambodia but the size of that required special everything ordering in). A good framer would have no problems making you up a box frame of the appropriate depth, size and colour to go with the former jug.

Thanks Sasha. Must admit I hadn’t thought of that but then there is no framer anywhere near here, Uttoxeter.
I was looking for a cheap option really as I would like to think about making other abstracts but if I have to add £10 for a frame there is little point.

That is rather lovely!

I get box frames from Debenhams - their ‘House’ range - similar to Ikea but slightly better quality and a better range of sizes for me. But it’s not easy to take the glass out.

Wilkinsons used to do some unfinished pine ones you could paint.

Or else try GreatArt box frames - better quality again (proper wood!) and you can take the glass out easily (and I’m sure you could find a use for the glass in the kiln!). Although the smallest square they do is 20cm.

For the back I would think it would be fine stuck to mountboard? How heavy is it?

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Or the really cheap option would be to glue it to a piece of painted mdf? I don’t think you’ll find a not-crappy box frame anywhere for much less than £10.

This one has good reviews:

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Thanks Helen. I can indeed reuse the glass. I have a photo frame right now which wants a new glass but haven’t any thin enough to fix it
I’ll check your link.
Joy xx

The wilkinsons one I was thinking of…

The other thing I have seen done is to use an ordinary frame with a deeper moulding and the glass set back, any glue your glass to the glass of the frame.

Hmmm I’ve been fiddling with the ikea one I bought to see if I could use it. I’ll get Bob the builder on the case.
And I think I’ll order in a couple of those Wilko ones to see how they would work as I’m sure I can find something else to smash, melt and frame. Rather good fun really.

Thanks Jan I do have a Wilko in town even if no picture framers so will take a look.

I think good picture framers are a dying breed - ours keeps threatening to retire but the residents of Cambridge keep him so busy he can’t - definately worth training Bob up if you can’t find one. This is the giant box frame ours made up for us

Totally unphased by the fact the piece came rolled with assembly instructions. Which reminds me I have several things to drop off with him.

I’ve had some excellent framers in the past just none now. Had a couple of things framed since we moved here and had to drive half an hour to get there which is a pain.

Don’t know if you have The Range near you but they have got quite a selection of square box frames in wood or painted white. This hedgehog is in one from there - not sure how easy it is to remove the glass - think it might be fixed by the inner frame - I didn’t try! The Wilkos ones definitely have removable glass although I’m not sure the quality of them is as good and you may need to paint it yourself.

Have just investigated one of the range frames - the glass is fixed in by the inner frame but if you are a bit handy in the diy department I expect you could remove it and refix the inner frame. :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant. We do have a Range quite near and we will be driving past it tomorrow. Really good to see yours in use, that’s exactly what I needed.

hi joy
i have just bought some some from ‘the range’ and ‘wilkinson’s’ -
some of them are natural / unfinished so you can paint them - here’s a photo of them if it helps. they were v. cheap. i think the small white and the large pine were from the range and the small pine from wilkinsons.

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Thank you Sally. I’ve now been online and ordered 3 from each shop. I’ll see which works best. I rather like the idea of doing abstract fused randomly shaped tiles and sticking them onto a frame. Such fun smashing the glass with a hammer then piling it up, flattening it down then adding glittery highlights.
I’ll show you daughter Jenny’s ‘old vase’ picture when I have a frame to stick it to.

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hi @JOYSofGLASS - my dad’s shop might be of interest (although he’s got it on “holiday” at the moment)
he makes frames as well as box frames, and is usually pretty accomodating about tinkering with sizes available - maybe not as cheap as the other shops :wink: but they’re all handmade!

his shop is

The range actually have two different (but same) designs. The untreated one I bought last week has easily removable glass, the white one does not!

Thanks Fiona. Those look excellent. I’ve favourited the one you tagged so I can
find it again.

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