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Framing for textile pictures

(Elaine Briars) #1

Hello, we have some textile pictures, which we would like to get framed. We are not sure where is the best place to get box frames suitable for textile pictures without spending a fortune? Does anyone has any experience of this?

(Elaine) #2

Hi Elaine. I saw a thread about box frames on facebook yesterday and people were praising the ones from Ikea (available to view (and buy?) online) as being good quality and good value too. They come in lots of sizes depending on what you’re after. Alternatively a friend of mine mentioned there’s box frames in Dunelm and I saw some available in The Range over the weekend. Hope that helps.


(Helen Smith) #3

Personally I’m not keen on the finish of the Ikea frames, I like the ones from Debenhams although they are a bit more expensive.

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(Elaine Briars) #4

Thank you both. I will have a look at those :slight_smile:

(Roz) #5

Have to agree Helen @HelenSmith - the finish on the Ikea ones seems to be some sort of plasticky coating rather than paint and I have found that after a time it starts to peel off at the corner joints - or maybe I was unlucky.