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Destashing lovely gemstone strands

Hi everyone, i am very new to this forum, like 4 minutes so… HIIIII

I’m currently going through my mothers collection of gemstones as she has stopped making and wants me to sell.

She has been collecting higher end strands for numerous years now and has a lot to part with.

I was wondering if anyone knows the beat place to do this on here!

She has Tanzanite, Aquamarines Kyanite, Sapphire, Emerald and Opals plus more.

I am going to try and take some photos once I know what I am doing with them.

Any help would be brilliant.

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e, I am very new to this site, like 4 mins but

HI JJ - I am not a gemstone user but I think there are plenty that sell on Folksy that are so you may do well selling here and you would qualify to sell them in the supplies section. If you set up a shop and maybe put up a few listings and see how things go. Once you have listed them it would be worth returning to the forums and showcasing them so people know they are there and also promote your shop on social media if you can to let people know about it. You could try selling direct on social media but although many seem to be successful I have never really found that works for me :slight_smile: .I know someone was selling a collection of gemstones a while ago and seemed to do quite well although I think they were going at very competitive prices.

If you do decide to sell here remember good photos with clear descriptions including size, colour, number etc etc are very important and don’t forget your tags!

Good luck

Thanks Rox. I will list them in the supplies section then. Thanks for the clear and concise replied:)

Oh they will be very good value. Although they will be sold as complete strands. I’d even sell as bulk of I could.

Your a sweetheart thanks

Ps. Where is this supplies section?

Welcome @Jamiejack
When you go to list your items at the left hand side it says add a new listing, click on that and a new page will come up where it says where should your item appear, click the arrow down and scroll to supplies, then you will get more options to choose from.
cant wait to see what you list as i could be very interested :slight_smile:

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I’m very interested in these items. Let me know when you have listed them!

Love Sam x

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Will do. Just waiting for some decent light as today is horrid and I don’t have a light box.
I’ll post on here when it’s ready to go :slight_smile:

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Okay, so I’ve just taken my pictures and my items will be uploaded laqter tonight sometime, I just apparently needed to sort out a paypal business account which i didn’t think about.

I’ve managed to sort through about 20 strands and cabochons and photographed them which i think will do for now.



@Jamiejack remember to pop a link on here for your shop so we can find you :slight_smile:

Hi JJ.
I am also very interested in your strands and cabs for use in my tree sculptures and jewellery.
please keep us updated, I think they will prove popular :smiley:
I am also new to folksy so welcome!

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Okay everyone, my shop is now officially open. I only had time to do 12 items so far as i wanted it to look nice.

I really think that these prices are silly, I know what they are worth but we literally have nearly 100 strands.

This is really a thrill

Please, please if you could share my page where you think that it fits best and I would appreciate it.

More to come tomorrow evening

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Looks like I’m your first customer Jamie @Jamiejack.

You have some beautiful gemstones in your shop and I’m really looking forward to receiving the ones I’ve ordered.

I’m sure you’ll get a lot of interest in your shop.

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Okay, I have listed everything that I have sorted out so far and I think that it looks wonderful. Any questions then please inbox me.

Wow!!! 12items sold today and counting thankyou for yoyr support.

Folksy is amazing!!!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see you on the bestseller list tomorrow!

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The past 48hrs have been the best, and as I am down to my last 6 items I am reducing each strand of Gemstones to £15 each, if you order 4 or more products then you will get an extra strand and an amber pendant for free
This strand is worth at least £20 but as I can’t work out what these particular strands are and my mothers eye sight isn’t what it was I can’t list them.
I think its London blue topaz and they are in faceted pears on a 20cm strand but again i will not sell if not entirely sure.

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My gemstones have arrived today - beautiful thank you.

Of course now I’m torn between looking at them and stroking them or actually making items with them…


My stones have arrived too, thanks they are beautiful.
I am having the same trouble as Sue though, so hard to break into lovely strands like that.
I’m afraid I have no idea what the little pale ones you sent are, possibly Ceylon sapphire- but really don’t know, sorry, but thank you.
Was interested to see you are in Keynsham, my husband and I used to live just up the river from you, at the boat yard there. Small world!


Im very glad you have your items and that you are happy. I havent been in Keynsham long!

Have you left some lovely feedback?

I will be listing some more beauties possibly today, don’t be a stranger!!


Okay, so I have had time to go though a few more strands and I have just listed some more. I cannot believe the appetite you guys have more these gemstones, they have flown out.

Anyway, these items include,

Blue Zircon, Burmese Jadeite, Pink Sapphire, Multi Tourmaline, Spinel and more…

Hello there!!

I was wondering if you would find it in your heart to share my page or high five me or whatever you’d like.

As in not a business and not competition to you I was hoping you wouldn’t mind.

I only have 80ish strands left And then I am done.

In return, if there is anything you want me to look out for for you I will let you know before I list them so you don’t miss out



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