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Die cutting machine disaster

In a nutshell my die cutting machine has broken. The rollers didn’t pull the plates through then on further inspection a cog had fallen out of the base.
Admittedly I bought it from a car boot sale as I knew I wasn’t going to be die cutting enough to buy one at full price, its worked perfectly for 6 months. Now I have a fair number of dies and no machine to use them on, also a half completed Mother’s day card.

Do any of you know if its possible to undo a Cuttlebug machine? I tried unscrewing the screws at the bottom but nothing budged.

Youtube is awash with videos showing cuttlebugs being fixed. Given your description of a gear cog falling out I think this one should allow you to fix your machine.

looks like its not the bottom you need to remove but the side panel at theopposite end of the machine to the handle.
Good luck

I had a similar problem with my sizzix about a month ago. I had to strip my machine right down to change the bearings. It was fairly easy to do but I don’t know about cuttlebug machine.

I don;t have a problem but I am just amazed at the wonderful people on here who are able to help others…finding that youtube is amazing…wow…clever lot on here.


@SashaGarrett Thanks Sasha, that link was great and dealt with exactly the same cog that fell out.

Thanks so much, I just fixed the machine and it now works #hurrah