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Sizzix plates help

I have just treated myself to some dies and wondering why they are not cutting clean. Have tried putting another piece of extra card on top but not helping much. Looked at my plates and they have a bevel! So think I need to buy some more. I see there are compatible plates for my sizzix quit a bit cheaper than the real ones. Anybody used them or would i be wasting my money do you think

Mine have a bevel but l dont change them until they cannot be used anymore, in fact l have had them crack before today.
I have only changed mine twice but have had the machine a long time, so not sure about the cheaper plates l have only ever got the correct make, l am a bit funny about getting a cheaper make in case long term you end up paying more, but l am sure someone will be able to help.

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Hi Diane, I have a Cuttlebug and I tend to turn the plates frequently, so that the “bowing” is evened out. As for the cheaper plates, personally I wouldn’t use them as there may be a slight difference in the depth of the plates. I only use branded plates so that I can be sure I get a good cut every time. Hope this helps.

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I have had my machine for a year and a half and have no problem with the heart shapes etc its just these intricate ones. Thats what I was wondering if he cheap ones are false economy

I think I will do for the branded ones… I have been turning them but wondered if I should keep one straight one for the bottom and just keep turning the top one? I read that somewhere

I think most machines suffer from an uneven pressure, with the best cutting area being down the sides, not in the centre. I use a thin piece of card as a shim.

I have a few intricate “tricky” dies that need turning a few times before they cut cleanly. What I now do is keep a spare set of cutting plates and try and use them for intricate dies, then use another (usually battered!) set of cutting plates for Sizzix originals, Bigz etc.

Also I use Ultimate Crafts Quick release die paper on detailed dies, that seems to help with some.

I’m afraid I don’t know much about Sizzix machines, but did a quick search and found this,

aw thank you for the link ! that was really interesting I wlll wait till I get a spare set before I attempt to pit them in the oven.!

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Hi Diane
I use my Sizzix Big Shot every day for my craft business. I have tried the cheaper cutting plates but like you say i had to add 2 sheets of card to get a clean cut and even then they just weren’t the same.
I only buy sizzix plates now and use one new plate under a bigz die and use the one on the top of the die until it’s had it! Then i swap the one from underneath to the top and have a brand new one underneath again.
That works well for me, and as i say i do an awful lot of die cutting. Hope that helps.
Debbie x

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Yes, that’s what I do for mine too.

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that sound sensible to me will wait till my plates arrive and mark them so I know which is which!

It’s ideal to alternate them so that they don’t bow in the middle. I’ve had my sizzix for about 3 years and gone through 2 sets of plates. I’m now swapping them over more and they seem to be lasting a lot longer. I think the thin dies do more damage than the proper sizzix dies do.
I always buy new ones when I go to America because they are so much cheaper there.

That’s a great tip about how ro flatten your mats. It’s good if you are having your oven on for a long time especially if your doing a roast and have the room to do it but I wouldn’t just put the oven on just to do them.

I do that sometimes when I remember to. I don’t use my sizzix much lately so my plates are lasting a little bit longer these days.

This my be a slightly cheaper way of straightening your pads.

Hi Pauline, I should add that I’ve never tried flattening plates in oven! I have a cuttlebug, so I just keep turning them over until they give up the ghost completely. I have 3 sets in varying degrees of usefulness!

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I cant get the video to work Pauline van you send me the link


thanks Pauline will give that a try too!

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