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Dissapointing magazine dies

I don’t usually buy craft magazines, but found one with 3 Xmas dies I really liked so bought it 99.9% for the dies.
I got them home, none of them cut!! Ive used different plate combinations, different thicknesses of card and placed them at the edge of the rollers. Nothing.

Im currently composing an email to complain.

I wondered if anybody else had trouble with magazine bought dies?
And do you think they will reply saying, I paid for the magazine, the dies were free, so I can’t complain?

I’ve not had any that wouldn’t cut but some that didn’t cut cleanly but luckily they were on magazines that I normally buy so I wasn’t too disappointed, have you tried cutting it using aluminium foil as I’ve heard this sharpens blunt dies. Not sure how they’ll reply to your email but if enough people complain they might do something.

Surely the dies were there as an incentive for people to buy the magazine (especially those who don’t normally buy)? They may have been ‘free’ but you wouldn’t have bought the magazine otherwise. I tend to shy away from complaining but I think you’d be right to in this case - might not get you anywhere but you’d probably feel better for it!

I’m a big tweeter with things like this! Normally results in a swift reply and resolution in my experience!

Thanks for your replies, Ive been trying to get a better result again for the last half hour, I tried the aluminium foil idea and added pieces of card to make a thicker “sandwich” but nothing works. The results either a bit cut or not at all.

@CoverStory I tend to shy away from complaining too but a pal of mine isn’t shy about it and her attitude is rubbing off on me in my old age.
The mag with dies was £8!! Not an amount Id ever dream of spending on a magazine, but thought it was great with the dies too.
Its not an amount of money I can just spend with little in return(as I was made redundant recently and Im a cheapskate anyway).
@dottiedesigns I shall use social media if need be.
I shall let you know of any reply.

I totally misunderstood that thread title!



Let me know if you want me to help with Tweeting them - British Crafters has 41K followers so people tend to be quite quick to help lol!

You definitely should be reimbursed and if they don’t work then that really is a bad move from them to entice people into something and then they get nothing.

I do complain a bit on the premise that if things like this don’t get resolved then they will do it again and see off other people! xx

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@cardtoplease I just reread it and yes, it can read rather differently. Lol!

I read the title wrong too :blush:

I have got dies before with a magazine but don’t have a cutter will have to see if i still have it. I did buy the magazine as it had other free gifts that I wanted.

I’ve noticed with magazine that they say free gift of ??? whatever it is, worth £??. So if the magazine states this about the “free gift” then they have a value.
I would send a nice email pointing out your disappointment and see what happens, they may send you another set to try, as magazines don’t like unhappy customers.

Thanks for replies, I tried to send the email but it bounced back, maybe I typed the address in wrong, il give it another go.

I’d take up Dottie’s offer voicing your disappointment via social media - that always seems to get a much quicker result than contacting customer services via email.

Blimey, I had a reply within an hour! They said they hadn’t had any other complaints and must have been a faulty set but if I gave them my address they’d send me another set!
Il let you know how that set goes.



Glad you got a response from them so quickly - you’ll have to let us know how you get on with the new set! :smiley:

I received my replacement dies from that craft magazine. 1 out of the 3 work!! Im so annoyed.

Well, Ive emailed them and I had a couple of replies, they suggested my die cutting machine is faulty but I pointed out that all my other dies work perfectly. They havn’t replied.

I read that as Disappointing magazine dies …as in dead parrot !
As in "not a very good magazine, so it’s gone out of production"
Silly me but …
English can be such a silly language :slight_smile:

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ha-ha! Me too!