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Digital reprints of orignal work - advice required!

I’ve been thinking of getting some of my more popular linocut prints (especially reduction prints where there are a limited number) digitally reproduced to sell.

I really don’t know where to start. Can any printmakers or artists who’ve had their original art reprinted offer any advice of which companies could offer this type of service and how it all works? Do you send them the original print for them to do a high quality scan or would I need to scan the print myself and submit it electronically?

Any advice and recommendations gratefully received!


I take my originals to a local gallery, they do the scanning at a high resolution and print however many I need. They are really good, and take a lot of care to reproduce my colours exactly. There’s a one-off charge for the scan and the first ‘artist proof’, which is a reasonable sum, but give the fiddling about he has to do to get it right I think it’s reasonable (and if I go along to collect the proof and don’t like it, I can sit with him while he tweaks it a bit till I’m really happy). After that, I can have even just one print done at a time from the scan, and pay per print.

I recommend you get someone local, so you can go in and talk to them and see how they work, rather than working ‘at a distance’.

Oh, and I always get him to give me a copy of the scan on a memory stick as a backup … you’ve paid for it, and you don’t want to rely on his backups!


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I’d offer the same as the advice above. Try and find a local gallery because if you can talk to them face to face you will get more advice and help, which is certainly what I needed when I first started! I have a lovely local shop who scan and print my textile art work.
I drop my work off, get charged a one off scan charge then go and look at the proofs (because I have a relationship with them they will fiddle and tweak until they get it just right- and we have a nice chat in the process). As above I also pay per print and can order as many as i like. They also do a framing service and I get cards printed from them with my artwork (this is easy because they already have your work on file). They also package the prints for me with a card backing and a plastic sleeve, so I can sell them straight away.
Sometimes they take a while to get my work printed but I can just drop into the shop and check up on it - usually they tell me to go across the road for a coffee and they finish it off there and then! I feel more control with this than emailing back and forth to an unknown company.
The quality is always amazing - I have my textile work reproduced and people always try and press their noses up to the frames to try and work out if it is a print or an original (it is so hard to tell as the stitches look so lifelike!). Example:

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@racheyjane Hi, Im not sure if this thread is still relevant to you, but maybe it might be helpful to some others considering getting prints of their art done. I have just recently been through the whole process of getting my art work printed.

Due to the place where I live there were no fine art printers in my area to physically go in and speak to so I had to do all my research online. I paint large canvases so scanning them with my little printer was not really an option as I had to scan them in parts and couldn’t match the colours perfectly. I ended up photographing and uploading them to my computer before editing them in photoshop, (lightening them slightly as the colours where not right when I printed one out on my home printer).

I researched lots of printers online based in the Uk, with the main criterial for me being that they print on fine art paper, use archival inks and did not have a minimum print order. I found a lovely printers based in essex. I emailed one of my pictures to them and ordered a printed proof, they let me see my image on 4 different types of paper. I have since ordered a lovely batch of prints from them that I have been so impressed with, they look exactly like the canvases. Hope this is helpful to anyone looking to do the same and if anyone wants to know the printers or have any questions feel free to contact me.

@folksycontent Am I allowed to name the professional print company if anyone would like to know?


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Thanks Louise for taking the time to respond to my question. I actually live in Chelmsford in Essex so if you are able to advise who you used for the reprints of your work it might just be perfect for me too!

Hi Rachel, they are called dStudio, they are based in Little Clacton, their website is :grinning:

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