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Questions about selling cards


I’m an artist and make cards. Until now, I’ve sold originals where I can and I’d like to start trying to sell here.

I’ve been looking around and, from the prices, I’m guessing a lot of original art cards are printed? This is because they’re on sale for £1 to £2 each.

This is ok, but I’m wondering how people go about getting stuff printed? To get a decent price, I’d need to get about 50 of each card printed. That’s a bit pricy. Or I’d be looking at buying a decent printer.

Neither option is cheap, I don’t mind putting some cash in up front. I just need to find the best solution. I can sell printed cards through other routes so if it doesn’t work here I won’t be stuck with a load of cards forever.

I’m wondering what people already do? I there are some good printing people out there that I’ve missed? Does anyone have any advice?

Apologies for the long post!
:slight_smile: Tina

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I have had excellent service from and I thought their prices were reasonable. A minimum run of 10 cards per design, but you can bundle a batch of different designs together to get the quantity discount, so long as they are on the same size/paper.

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Thanks Helen, that’s really helpful. I love your work!

Redcliffe Imaging also allow you to order more than one design but on the same size/type of cards to qualify for their discounts, I found their service good last year xxx

Thanks Natalie :grinning: I’ll take a look

Have a look at moo and too