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Disclaimer on Handmade items

Can anyone point me in the direction of some official ‘blurb’ along the lines of ‘this item is not a toy’/‘contains small parts’ please?
My makes have googley eyes and I think I need to add info onto a tag.


I always pop something like this at the bottom of my listings.

Please keep out of the reach of young children & pets due to small parts which could pose a choking hazard!!!


Really depends what it is. Unfortunately even something that is not intended as a toy but that may be considered as appealing and have play value for a child must be CE tested and labelled as such. Putting a disclaimer on does not cover you. Have a look at trading standards website - they have lots of useful info on CE testing and you can do it yourself - apparently its not that hard once you get going.

Just visited your shop and see what you mean - difficult one there, not really toys but aimed at children, might be worth talking to Trading Standards just to check.

From my understanding after reading the conformance regulations a disclaimer is not worth the paper it is written on. Anything that looks like a soft toy even small things on keyrings might be classed as having playability. The defintion of a toy is if it looks like a toy and has playability like a toy it is a toy and must meet conformance regulations, be CE tested and marked here is a link to the the conformance page there also have been previous threads on here about the topic so they may be worth looking for.
Hope the info helps.

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Hi - thanks for replying. i’ll read up as you suggest but think from now I’ll change my eyes from now on!! :cat2::dog2:

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I’d also suggest contacting Trading Standards. When I first started out making toys (which I no longer make) they came to my house and met me and we had a good discussion where they could view my products first hand. Don’t be scared of contacting them, they may take a while to respond, but they are there to help you.

Anything that is attractive to kids needs to be considered as being safe as possible for them.

I used to make toys but gave up due to all the legislation.There is a load of testing that has to be done on items made for children. You can actually do your own testing and there is loads of information on the web. I have noticed that there is a shop featured on the front page today, featuring a shop selling sock monkeys. However socks can no longer be used for children as the dye in the sock can be dangerous. Just something to keep in mind.

Not sure if its the same shop Karen @oohthatsnice but the one I saw did say all their products are CE tested in their “buying from me” bit

Thanks for this info. I’m going to change my eyes to felt ones but I’ll start looking into all the above. No sock animals for me, not one of my choices!
Thanks again,
Catherine :cat2:

I couldn’t see anything Roz but I was busy getting ready for work. I think I would put it under each item, at least it would then be visible for people buying as they don’t always look at sellers biography, etc.