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Does anyone know if there are any craft markets going on in or around Mansfield?

(Craftyme2413) #1

Hello fellow crafters, I was wondering if anyone knows of any craft markets or fares in or around Mansfield nottinghamshire ? I would like to set up a stall for my wooden crafted items and my crafty crayons? :smiley: Thank you all xx

(Joy Salt) #2

Very useful place to find events and also to register yourself so events contact you.

(Craftyme2413) #3

Oh thank you. Ive just looked and I will be registering with them :slight_smile: Thanks once again xx

(Joy Salt) #4

I get lots of invitations to events via Stallfinder and it’s always a useful place to find events for yourself. I sometimes also use it to check if an event I’ve been invited to from some other source is well advertised. If it’s on Stallfinder I am confident that it is.