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Location, location, location! -Black Country

Does anyone know any craft fairs going on in the Black Country for 2016?

You’ll be as surprised as I am when I only hear about craft fairs day after they already took place and they’re not often very well-advertised so I end up missing in on the action.

Please? Even a jumble sale at a run-down council community centre will do just as fine.

Have you tried looking on stallfinder ( or stall and craft collective ( Unfortunately I’m not in the black country so I can’t recommend any specific events.

If my geography is right you are in the West Midlands! As well as stall finder (see above) I find there are Facebook groups that are quite good for finding fairs. I did a quick search and came across these two groups that might be of use - I expect there may be others

You have said that you don’t hear about craft fairs etc until after they have taken place as they aren’t very well advertised. If they aren’t very well advertised and you don’t know about them, will the general public ?? I used to use Stallfinder and if I found fairs that were monthly/ weekly etc I used to visit one or two and see what the footfall was like, what type of people etc went and what sort of competition I would have before I booked a stall ( I don’t think you would have much competition so that shouldn’t be a problem) Once you do a few you get talking to other stallholders who are always full of great knowledge - ie craft fairs worth doing, ones to avoid, names of people who arrange fairs, schools, churches etc that do craft fairs, pamper evenings etc. I also contacted schools, sports centres etc to see if they did events and not just craft fairs. One of the sports centres near me does a Psychic Fair but there were stalls there that had nothing to do with psychic stuff. Are there any village fetes or steam fairs near you as they quite often have craft tents. Stallfinder is the main place to look locally, relatively inexpensive fairs/ fetes/ fund raising events etc but there is also Oakleigh Fairs although they tend to do the bigger, more expensive events.

Awesome - thanks for the replies and I will look into the links you all provided. <3

They will also help fellow Midlanders find the craft fairs, so who knows, I might even bump into some Folksy Folk!

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I’m from Wolverhampton so i’ll keep an ear open and let you know. We don’t do many fairs now and we’re quite selective. If I were you I’d visit first because we’ve been burnt more than once by lazy hosts and lack of advertising x

I have no idea how good these people are but they have just started following me on Twitter so they might be worth taking a look at if you are looking for craft fair locations.