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Does folksy have an app?

is there a folksy app? thanks

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I’m afraid they don’t - apparently they cost a lot of money. We have asked and you can add your voice via

maybe, hopefully, oneday we will get an app.


I personally will be sticking with alternative selling platforms until folksy has an app. I cant be at a pc all the time so would worry about not being alerted to a sale/query ect. I will be keeping a close eye on it and will jump over if it ever decides to join the rest of the world!

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I go on Folksy a lot on my phone, yes an app would be nice, but to be honest, I can do my listing, sales, shopping etc on Folksy just as well on my phone by using the internet on there. I get alerts for sales from the PayPal app and I get email alerts on my phone for sales, queries etc so I don’t miss out on anything. Oh and I use it to post on the forums too. I just have different web pages open on my phone.

Natalie x

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I get alerts on my phone when I get an email so I don’t need to be on the pc all day.