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I was just wondering if anyone here has a dolls house or miniature scene ?

I have a 1:12 scale miniature Art Gallery which houses my own collection of mini Art In Wax, my husband built it for me, it has a victorian shop front exterior with a contemporary modern interior, with wooden floor and spot lighting we also have a miniature workshop and on my wish list is a beach hut set as a art studio …

I got into miniatures about 14 months ago, when a lady who owns one of my larger pieces asked if she could commission me to paint some tiny pieces for her Georgian manor house, I did and I blogged about it and since then have sold lots of miniatures both in the UK and in Europe and the US. Some traditional landscapes and flowers for period houses some funky and contemporary pieces for modern houses.

Anyway … here’s why I’m asking my question

On folksy I very occasional sell a miniature piece of art, on Etsy or my own website I sell lots … and I was wondering if maybe people here don’t do this hobby ?

Also do you sell dollhouse miniatures too? How’s it going for you here?

I am currently painting lots of new pictures in miniature as following being featured in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine I have had people contact me to ask if I am doing any shows … Which I may do so want to know I have lots of stock and I am pondering weather to list some of these new ones on folksy in the mean time

Love to hear if you are into Dolls Houses and miniatures


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This is the inside of The Gallery


Well I think you already know about my obsession with dolls’ houses Hazel.
I have lots of little carpets and rugs in my Folksy Miniatures shop

It’s such a pity that Folksy @sianfolksy does not have a section for Miniatures.
The dolls’ house market is enormous and Collectors are prepared to spend huge amounts of money of tiny pieces for their little houses!
So far I have only sold one of my miniatures on Folksy but I have only recently stocked up my shop.
But I am doing well on the Dark Side but they have a dedicated Category to Dolls and Miniatures.

I recently bought this beautiful desk and chair from the States after saving up for months!
It cost over £150!

And I bought this lovely aged leather armchair from Australia with Christmas present money.
I had to wait 4 weeks for the Designer to apply the aging process to it
Well worth the wait though and it looks great in the study in my dolls house

I need to make some more little books for the bookcases though.

So looking forward to seeing pictures from other people on this thread!
PS I am going the Kensington Dolls House Festival in London in November (as a shopper though not a seller)
One of the largest dolls’ house fairs in the world.
Not that I am obsessed or anything!
Shirley x


Your house is amazing Shirley and there is a little piece of my Art In Wax in there too isn’t there :slight_smile: I do love the chair and it looks perfect in the room :slight_smile:

If I do the miniature fair it will be lore local maybe one of the larger fairs in Essex, we have been to some as a buyer last year so know the lay out, they are keen for me to have a stand as I will be very different to any others they have. I met the people who run the fairs a couple of times when we have been to others in Essex & Suffolk sourcing bits for The Gallery, bit scary when you go to introduce yourself to someone and they know who you are lol

When I did the magazine article several people contacted me to ask where they could see my work in person and not online and it was suggested I contacted the Kensington people but that’s toooooo big for me not to mention the price of the stand!!! So I am thinking of testing the water and hope to do a fair in October, hence why I am painting lots of new miniatures :slight_smile:

I to wish folksy had a section for miniatures as you say there is a lot of people out there with money to spend


I have dolls houses but not in the traditional way, I have rooms so I have two kitchens, 3 bedrooms, three studies. I would love to buy from here and already have one of Shirley’s @WhimsyWooDesigns rugs on my christmas list. I have bought three miniature paintings too.

As a buyer I would be really happy to buy and promote your shop amongst my dolls house pals.


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That’s nice to know Rachel @Glehcar. I usually have lots of dolls house items on my Christmas list too.
Having individual rooms is becoming popular now.

Hazel @HazelRayfield yes I have one of your little ladies. I haven’t framed her yet but when I do she will be going in the bedroom next to the desk and chair I showed above. I’ve got quite a collection of mini paintings now off Folksy Sellers and need to get my wood work tools out to make some frames.
I think your miniature art will sell well at fairs. There are not usually many sellers with original paintings at Miniature fairs.
I am thinking about finding out how much it is for a small Stand at Miniatura at the NEC in Birmingham, possible for next year. I have been twice as a shopper and it has a very high attendance.

I think that it is by invitation only to sell at Kensington.

Shirley x

I’ve had quite a few dolls houses and shop scenes - been working in miniature since I was about 5, so nearly 40 years LOL!

Will have to see if I can find any pics - most of my pictures are on old fashioned photos and not digital though.

I used to do dolls house fairs selling polymer clay food and bits back in the early 90s. Was always fatal - we’d go to sell stuff and end up buying a house…


Hi Rachel thats great thank you :slight_smile: Your Rooms sound great fun, I might have a room box next, they are fun :slight_smile: we originally were going to have a room box as the Gallery but when we got to the fair we saw the Victorian shop and knew it was the one for us …

yes Lady Cecilia I think was her name :slight_smile:

Thanks Shirley it will be interesting to do a fair :smile:

Yes I think you need to be invited to Kensington and to be honest I don’t think my paintings are expensive enough for there … with all my Art I like to sell at an affordable price, not to be under valued but not too expensive to be exclusive either :slight_smile:

I would love to go to Miniatura, (as a shopper) it looks great fun :slight_smile: and I think your carpets would be great on display somewhere like that, they are amazing works of art in themselves :slight_smile:

Ha ha Sara @DandelionsGallery that is so true about buying more - its addictive.


This is the only photo I can find at the moment but will look for others. Off to work now. Rachel

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That is what I’m afraid of Sarah, I just can’t resist, its all the little extra that make it such fun lol

Rachel that is wonderful, love all the little accessories … you are right its all very addictive and great fun lol

Oh Rachel I can’t get your link to load. :frowning:

Shirley x

We’ve got one request for: Homeware> Dolls>Scale Dollhouse Miniatures (which I think may have been you Shirley!) in the Category request spreadsheet but it looks like lots more scale miniature items have been listed recently so it’s possible we can add this in.

Maybe talk amongst yourselves and let us know what you think the best title would be for the category would be (e.g. scale dollhouse miniatures, miniatures, dollhouse/doll house/dolls house furniture, dollhouse miniatures, dollhouse accessories)

Could someone then add it to the Category request spreadsheet here so we can review it:



Goodness! I don’t think I’ve spent that much on furniture for my flat!!

Ohhhh! If ONLY I had the time!!! I did have a gorgeous Victorian shop but sadly couldn’t keep it when I moved into a trailer. I think there is a huge market for miniatures though. It is very much a hobby that overlaps with ladies who sew. I defo think you could sell it here. Mx


oh @sianfolksy please please can you add the dolls house category and @WhimsyWooDesigns was it you that added it and could you again :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Rachel


Hazel @HazelRayfield
Sara @DandelionsGallery
Steph @StephanieGuy

Sian @sianfolksy has asked us to discuss what category we would like for Dolls House Miniatures.

Folksy already has the category Dolls & Collectibles and I think we could have a sub section here called

“Scale Dolls House Miniatures”

  • I am unsure whether or not to make Dolls have an apostrophe or not - Dolls’ - which is I think the correct way to spell it, but not sure how many people would use it in a search or if the apostrophe would affect the search or not.

What do the rest of you think or would you like a different title?

There are more sellers of Dolls’ House miniatures on Folksy but I can’t see that they are active on the forum.

Shirley x

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Katie @bojanglies it’s more than I have ever spent on full size furniture too!
But I just HAD to have it!
I treated myself but my husband has no idea how much it cost!

Shirley x


WOW what a lot of replies to this thread :slight_smile:

I’m on my phone at the moment so sorry if I miss a reply but I just wanted to give my input on this :slight_smile:

I think it should be in the sub category but I would prefer just - dolls house miniatures - not the scale bit, as there are lots of scales and some miniatures cross over I find :slight_smile:

No apostrophe - better for searches

Be great if we can get this sorted soon @sianfolksy it’s a very big market place and be a shame for us to not be making the most of it here :slight_smile:


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Yes I think your choice is better Hazel @HazelRayfield

“Dolls House Miniatures” no need to have scale in it.

Any more choices?

Shirley x

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