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(Nobias Art) #1

Is this ever happened with any of yous?
Got an email from Folksy that I have sold one of my listing, came up to see that hell yeah:) I did! But no payment yet, so looked up the name and address. The name and address looked suspicious, so I checked on google map and the address doesn’t exist. The e-mail address was even more suspicious so I typed a letter for him/her and it came back as a Mailer Daemon. Why would someone even do that? Make all the hassle for nothing, because obviously even if I would send it without receiving any payment, she/he wouldn’t get it since the address is non existent.

(Sarah Lambert) #2

I don’t know either , I had one from la-la-la once- they’re just bored I guess.

(Diane Burton) #3

The sale wasn’t in the early hours of the morning was it? I have heard from other sellers that occasionally they get silly sales late at night/very early in the morning presumably from people coming home from the pubs/clubs a bit ‘worse for wear’ and think it’s a bit of a laugh :unamused:

(Amberlilly) #4

One down side of not needing to open an account and register I suppose?

(Alison Mackenzie) #5

I had something similar a couple of weeks ago. I got the Folksy e-mail, but nothing about payment. The address was in Ireland and incomplete and I got no reply to two e-mails I sent. After a couple of days I just cancelled the order. It was a shame because it was my most expensive card and I was really excited that it had sold. :disappointed:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

I would suggest editing the first post as it’ has private information in it. It could be a real customer and putting that onto an open forum is against the law. It’s illegal due to the Data Protection Act.

(Nobias Art) #7

Hi Diane,
No it was in the afternoon at 20:19, and since then all I can think that it was a spam of some sort

(Nobias Art) #8

Hi Eileen,
Admin edited by now, but don’t worry I would never share any personal data of anyone. Done my researches before I posted my question:) The person wasn’t registered, was a non existent fake name with a fake postal address, saying Kent, Liverpool, United Kingdome (Liverpool is not in KENT:))) and the postal code is non existent and the e-amail address neither since there is no such thing as adresses , but even then was thinking to check it first so sent an email and came back as a mailer daemon because the e-mail address doesn’t exist.
I’m not such a daftie and wouldn’t give out and personal data but thanks for your concerns:)

(Nobias Art) #9

OOh what a shame, I know the feeling though. I felt the same since I have just added that necklace to my shop the previous day, but hey. Maybe next time it would be a real person:)FIngers crossed

(Nobias Art) #10

True, but I guess lots of people wouldn’t register for one purchase. They would think it’s too much of a hassle and go elsewhere, so is good and bad in the same time

(Louise Knight-Richardson) #11

Are you sure the address was incomplete? Ireland addresses don’t have postcodes (that I’ve ever heard of?) and occasionally look like they would never make it to their destination! I often have to double-take an address but always ship and have never had any problems. Sorry you had to refund :frowning:

(Alison Mackenzie) #12

The problem wasn’t so much the address, which I would have confirmed if I had been able to make contact, but that no payment was received and I got no reply to my e-mails.

(Louise Knight-Richardson) #13

Ooh I’m so sorry - I just re-read your message! Totally understand, sounds very frustrating!

(Nobias Art) #14

I wonder that maybe some people think there is a basket where they can save items for later purchase, so she/he dropped it there but actually it comes trough as an order? Is that possible?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #15

It doesn’t come through as an order until they click preceed to check out. just putting it into the basket doesn’t send out the your have a sale email

(Alison Mackenzie) #16

It’s possible. I assumed they had just had a problem with the checkout process so I e-mailed to check and offer to maybe send them an invoice through Paypal, but got no reply. I tried another message a day later and still got no reply. Maybe they just changed their mind at the last minute?